Forever Black-eyed

Eyeball tattooing.  We’ve talked about it before when it first started to come about a few years back.  Shannon did a great piece on it, as he documented the procedure that Howie did on him.  It’s been well over 4 years since that article and while it is still extremely rare, we do occasionally get submissions.  I just want to note that while it has been successful for some people, this is one of the riskiest procedures and can easily lead to blindness.  Do not under any circumstance even attempt this without proper research and preparation, and even then you can still lose vision, and possibly the eye itself.

That all said, here’s a client of xRonix showing off his blackened sclera.

xRonix is currently working at Extreme Needle in London.

Again, don’t even think of attempting this without extensive research.  If anything is off by the smallest of measurements it is possible to go blind.

10 thoughts on “Forever Black-eyed

  1. Have their been any reported cases of blindness or loosing an eye from this? I’d be interested to hear from someone that had a bad experience with it…not that I’m thinking about doing it, I’m happy with my eyes the way they are but I’m curious about If they regret doing it now that there are consequences? Did they go to someone qualified or a were they mislead by someone or did they go to a hack? Sort of a follow up on anyone whose had it done really?

  2. Have to say tattooed eyeballs look fantastic on sRonix, though his superb bone structure gives him a great advantage with any facial mod. Praise to the artist too!

  3. This is probably the most humanly face i ever seen. i am overhelmed by such a georgeous sense for aesthetics, thanks for showing him.

  4. I absolutely love the look of eyeball tattooing, but the process itself scares the shit out of me. I don’t think I could do it!
    My sclera are naturally blue/grey anyway so i’m kind of there. OI is good for something I guess XD.

  5. I caught an episode of Lockup where there were a couple of guys with tattooed eyeballs. They were really proud of themselves; one hoped nobody else would ever do it so he could be unique, the other hoped everyone would do it because it was so cool.

    FluorescentPanda: That is the only thing OI is good for. Well, that, and getting lots of implants in your body courtesy the doctors!

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