Lazy Wednesday

Some days it’s nice to kick back and relax, just like IAM: eatenplacenta is doing here.  This was taken back in November to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her implants that Brian Decker put in.

Photo by: IAM: Trillance.  (

11 thoughts on “Lazy Wednesday

  1. did you get the implants to accentuate a slight pigeon chest? I’m 250 pounds but pigeon chested, my ribs jut out and I can’t think of any mod to make me feel better about it

  2. to my knowledge, i do not have a pigeon chest. but if i do, then my answer is still the same. it was an aesthetic thing for me, and i also love interesting implant work, be it custom designs or placements.

  3. Jon P- She has no jewelry in that lobe. Eaten goes without jewelry, especially in her right lobe quite frequently.

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