Bodmod Punky and His Magic Cheeks

Well…maybe not magical, but most certainly attention grabbing! The last time I remember seeing stretched cheeks close to this size was in the post about our old friend fishmaul back in 2008. You might remember Bodmodpunky from the previous post I did about his deep chest piercings here.

The photo below sparked a little controversy among the piercing community as there were a few viral posts claiming his cheeks were cut from nothing to this size. Honestly nobody had much background on this photo so I decided to go straight to the source!


Bodmodpunky was willing to answer a few quick questions for ModBlog, he is not a native English speaker so a bit of translating was in order.

 Firstly was your cheek initially cut to 30mm?

My cheeks were at 1,6mm for four years before I made the initial cut to 10mm, After 3 Months they healed completely and I made the next cut to 18mm. This healed in 1 Month. I stretched then to 22mm in 1mm increments and yesterday we made the last cut to 30mm. The jewelry was PTFE with 22mm wearable after cutting and Black PMMA with 14mm wearable when completely healed. We didn’t use any stitches only the teflon jewelry.  When you make a smaller initial cut it takes a long time to heal completely. We made a big cut for lower pressure. Cheeks are always trouble when they have too much pressure on them.  The big risk is if you damage your salivary glands, the nerves are no problem.

Who performed the procedures?

Danny from Rock the Body Studio in Baden (CH)

What kind of adversity have you experienced having such an unconventional and visible modification? Are you happy with it today?

People look at me strangely when I’m walking through the city. My life will never the same as before, but i like it and would never want to go back. I’m really happy with all my mods and I’m not finished with my modification. 


Five-Year-Old Scalpelled Nape

On February 1st, 2008, Gabriele of Maxart Bodypiercing in Rome, Italy did a scalpelled nape procedure, and a year later it had healed nicely (as you can see in the left image below). A little redness and scarring around the edges (zoom in for a closer look), but almost none of the rejection or migration as is common with surface piercings done without surface-specific jewelry. By using a scalpel rather than a needle to create a large, non-destructive hole, big enough to form a “flap” that could sit comfortably over the jewelry without the jewelry putting pressure on the tissue above it, Gabriele avoided using something like a surface bar specifically designed to mitigate the pressures that lead to tissue dying off. Surface bars are great of course, but many people prefer the look of a ring to a pair of beads, especially in this age of microdermals. As you can see in the right two pictures, taken at five years after the piercing was done, it’s remained very solid long-term — and as the late Erl proved, piercings like this (his nape was almost identical) can last for decades.


Two for one

I did some digging and from what I can tell, we haven’t featured scalpelled nipples on ModBlog since 2008.  According to Gábor (IAM: Wyrd) the nipples were scalpelled to 6mm.  On top of the nipples, Gábor also did the tattoo on the back of the client’s hand.

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Venezuela in my sights

I love photography.  I especially love photographs of people.  One thing I would never do is edit someone else’s photography to make it fit my version of aesthetically pleasing.  As a photographer (albeit merely a hobbyist), I would be angry if someone edited or cropped one of my photos and I think it’s rude to alter photos submitted to BME, beyond the watermark we add, so finding photos that grab me, as is, is always wonderful.  The photos that I post are, for the most part, ones that are sent to me in a file of photo submissions to choose from and include any information that was also sent in when the person submitted them to BME.  Sadly, that often doesn’t include full credit to the artist or even give the name of the person submitting it but I include whatever information there is every time. I know in a previous post I was brought to task for not crediting an artist but if it’s not included in the submission, I have no way of knowing. So, dear reader, if you’re submitting photos to BME, please when possible, include all of that information because inquiring minds want to know (and it’s nice to give credit where credit is due)!

When I saw the following photo, which was submitted to the scalpelled lip section of BME, I knew I had to post it.  The only name I see as a credit is xemaxtomax and I can’t quite tell if that’s who submitted it, or who gets the credit for the scalpelled lip.  Either way, Venezuela is looking mighty lovely.


The symmetry of these piercings is really quite beautiful.  There’s another great shot of this handsome boy after the jump.


Put your lips to my exhaust..

The lighting isn’t great in the following video from Rafa (more) but it’s not often you get to see a car being pulled down the road by a pair of legs, a body and a pair of hooks, now is it.. ahem..

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Another video from the Rafmeistertronist (calm down, Roo) after the break..

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Apologies for the glitches in the video above, it wasn’t my fault guv’nor.