He’s Baaaack!

After the success of Samppa Von Cyborg’s 2011 US Tour the Von Cyborgs will be back again in 2012!

Samppa Von Cyborg is one of the world’s most famous practitioners of body modification and piercing. Samppa works extensively within the field of Body Modification and offers procedures of any size, ranging from basic piercings to very extreme modifications.

Seminars are also being offered in various locations across the USA. Seminars being offered are flesh stapling, tongue spltting, and transdermal theory. The transdermal seminar is being offered to both clients and body modification artists, while the tongue splitting and flesh staple class is reserved for professionals only.

Samppa Von Cyborg welcomes all clients regardless of the size of the work, their requirements, or their experience/knowledge of the body modification scene. Custom body modification work is being offered so if you have an idea, contact for a consultation, as more likely than not, the custom work a client has in mind will be possible.

For more information, appointments, and seminar information please contact [email protected]

3 thoughts on “He’s Baaaack!

  1. Samppa if you need someone to do work on gyinea pig style for any of the seminars please by all means, use me.

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