Saint Hubert’s stag

In Chapter 4 of The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, the Baron, while pondering the image of St. Hubert’s Stag after a hunt, he encounters a stag of his own.  As it was the end of the day, the Baron found himself without any ammunition, so he loaded his musket with cherry pits and shot the deer in the head.  It survived the shot and ran away.  A year later, while hunting in the same woods, Baron Munchausen finds himself again face to face with a stag, only this one had a cherry tree growing out of its forehead.  Of course this time he shot it dead, and supposedly the cherry sauce he served with the venison was the finest he’d ever tasted.

Now I’m sure that isn’t what Michael Kozlenko was going for with this tattoo, but it reminded me of the story.

Michael works at Kipod Tattoo in Tel Aviv.

4 thoughts on “Saint Hubert’s stag

  1. Absolutely breathtaking. You are so lucky to have such an amazing tattoo.

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