Guess What?

This is a good one.  Not only is it going to be hard for you to guess, it’s also going to be something you may not have seen before, or at least haven’t seen in a long time.

Sorry for the blurriness.  I had to crop it small and blow it up, otherwise it would have given it away.

Think you know what it is?  Read on to see if you’re right.

Ok, before I put up the photo, here’s the obligatory warning;  Don’t do this.  It’s incredibly dangerous and possibly crippling.  The risks involved are astronomical, and can easily result in any number of serious and permanent injuries if attempted.  Alright, with that said, let’s take a look at a stretched achilles piercing.

They’re currently at 16mm, according to Daniel lovesmilk rutt, who sent them in, however he didn’t include any other information, such as how long they’ve been in place.  However, seeing as how they’ve been stretched up to 16mm indicated they’re something he’s had for a significant amount of time.

Given how controversial these piercings have been in the past, please try to keep the comments civil.

51 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. This is actually the first piercing that make me nauseous for a moment lol . I do agree with Callum the piercings do look a tad angry, I wonder if its perhaps from the movement from walking that keeps them a red irritated look.

  2. I actually guessed it right away. i’ve seen this pictures long time ago.. think it’s the depth and skin structure who gave it away

  3. makes my achilles hurt haha. losts of credit for doing something so crazy but it definitly doesnt look like his body likes it. the holes look really inflammed

  4. ive seen one of these before but bigger and slightly higher up on some circus performer who swings bowling balls from it and other mad stuff but yeh the one thing that allways goes threw my mind whenever i see one of these is just why? i dont normally ask this for piercings and mods but really why would you go threw such a risk just for a uncommen piercing props to the guy for being brave enuff for doing it but the risk of being crippled is just too much for my brain to justify it

  5. Interesting! So many questions, why? Do you wear shoes with the piercings in? Did you do them yourself?

  6. This was the first thing I’ve seen on this blog that made my jaw drop. And I’ve been reading this for roughly 5 years. I cannot even.

  7. impressive, and so intriguing.
    i have so many questions!
    nice to see people pushing limits, and more uncommon mods on here again.

  8. Coming from an athletic health trainers point of view all I have to say is holy crap! That seriously looks like it hurt n every movement he makes doesnt enjoy those being there, even if it has been years

  9. Haha I love Achilles piercings, I recall another set from a while ago.

    They do freak me out too though. If I had to choose I’d take ANY genital procedure haha

  10. I was just made aware i have a very big fear of my Achilles tendon being cut/compromised. I clicked through to here and almost started hyperventilating. Oh dear.
    Kudos to having the balls!

  11. Woohoo, nailed it! For me it was the depth of the tunnel, and how ‘rigid’ the walls are.. I’ve seen a few pictures of this before, and that was the giveaway.

  12. I think I may be the only one that was not freaked/ grossed out about this and found it intriguing!
    I can imagine it would hurt stretching such a delicate part of the body!

  13. Reminds me of a pic in an old PFIQ, where somebody with a much larger hole a this area is hanging from a hook. ..and i was guessing wrong, thought it was a glans.

  14. I must admit, he’s very brave by doing this.
    I thought a P.A piercing for the first time was bad enough.

  15. I cn’t stop thinking about how they make these? I mean, can’t imagine piercing them the ordinary way… Would love to see a video

  16. I don’t think it’s a healthy or smart piercing, but damn it’s an interesting concept. I was like, I bet it’s balls again, it’s always balls… and this I honestly didn’t predict at all. I’d be afraid of crippling myself… Also, I think that if he had better tattoos–if you want a smiley or a question block, get them, but have them done nicely, possibly professionally, If the other mods were better, I’d wonder if he was truly pioneering something, but the tattoos seem to suck, so I can only imagine his aftercare on these.

  17. i agree with roman, he’s definitely very brave. and hey, if it healed and he stretched it, it probably doesn’t hurt him -that- bad… hahaha

  18. I couldn’t imagine I was right on supposing the Achilles.. Risks of this piercing: watch Saw movies.

  19. I guessed right 🙂 the only thing i have to say about these is that ive never seen them look not angry. they are always really red and swollen and kinda nasty looking.

  20. guessed it right!
    i find them very beautiful and so intruiging!
    kudos to anyone who would have the nerve to get these done!
    would love to hear the full story behind these amazing piercings

  21. Impressed but I have had two ops on my ankle due to daily Achilles pain, so i wonder what damage is done long term

  22. Guessed it! Still cringed, though. Those must be hard to heal in general, and they don’t look particularly happy. But they’re amazing anyway!

  23. Possibly crippling, not healing well, generally looks like shit. Way to “push the limits.”

  24. For once I got this one right away, but I remembered when Shannon posted this before too and there’s only a few things that go that deep.

  25. I remember Shannon’s post too and thought about it again when I saw this. Thanks Rob for the link.
    I didn’t think I would ever see another similar mod.

  26. wow! so why would it be a good idea to erode away part of your ankle! I am so glad that i dont understand

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