Scrotal Stars

If you recall, a couple of months back Naoise-Ryan Israel got a Star of David branded on his scrotum by Samppa.  It’s been a few months, and it’s time to check in and see how the healing is coming along.

Keep on reading if you want to see the whole picture.

Check out Naoise-Ryan Israel’s Hard Bonus Gallery to see more photos.

18 thoughts on “Scrotal Stars

  1. Before it was ever the “Star of David” it was a pagan hexagram representing the female and male union.

  2. I am quite sure that those cuts have bled a lot. Looks nice, but nothing for my balls because I dont like shaving.^^

  3. Kimberly – It’s been around as a Jewish symbol for a LONG time. It was discovered in a Jewish Synagogue dating back to the 3rd or 4th Century and has been used and recognized as a Jewish symbol since the 11th Century so… It’s incredibly easy to draw and can be found in other symbology but it’s pretty well universally known as a Star of David. Also Naoise-Ryan is Jewish.

  4. I looked up fast and thought those were SS runes on each side, I got ready to laugh really hard

  5. Jen you might want to check your history books and such, the hexagram dates back to a far as 800-600 B.C.

  6. nothing she said was inaccurate. she was referring only to the star’s association with judaism, not of the history of the symbol outside of that.

    thats the same kind of thinking i see when people talk about swastikas “its been around for a few millenia before the nazis appropriated it, so its cool for me, a white non jew living in the west to have it tattooed on my face without any questions from the unhip” “well yeah, no kidding, but in the past 80 years or so, the understanding of the symbol changed, so people will have their suspicions.” If you ask 100 people, 99 are going to say that the swastika is the nazi symbol and if you ask 100 people about what is commonly known as the star of david, the same 99 will most likely agree it’s associated with judaism.

  7. Kimberly – You might want to reread what I said. Like Kevin said I was referring only to its use in Judaism because I still don’t get your point when it’s been used by Jews for hundreds and likely thousands of years. The Jews date back to BC too btw. Our calendar is on the year 5772. The difference between this and the Nazi swastika is that it goes back MUCH further. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jews were using it alongside of pagans at the same time – like I said, it’s really easy to draw. I mean, I’ve seen that star used in some of the manga I read as background decoration.

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