The Monkey’s Paw

For those of you who have been requesting a hairy BMEGirl, I give you Miss Tuesday Laveau.

Tattoo by Marcos Attwood from Broad Street Studios, Bath, UK.  Photography by David Hammonds.

8 thoughts on “The Monkey’s Paw

  1. I was hoping it’d be the prayer hands done up in matt groening monkey paw with a banner that read “the frogurt is also cursed” or something

    The eagle is the only tattoo I can see clearly but way to go with the neotraditional revival then

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  3. Hi @HelloLion, thanks for the interest. The shoot was inspired by the Johnny Cash song, “The Beast in Me” a song I’ve loved forever, it’s kind of a literal interpretation. Also, I’m an exotic dancer and well known for my act “Loup Garou” which I perform in a full head latex wolf mask, so it’s also kind of an extension of that. @Rainbowdash I think you’ve given me inspiration for my next tattoo, or made me want cursed frozen yogurt, I’m not sure which.
    Thank you for all the kind comments you guys! TL x

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