One year later

About a year ago IAM:Gretchensaurus was a BMEGirl with a baby on the way.  Now, one year later, she’s back, this time as a modified mom.

Gretchen credits Steve Drew from Irezumi in Westport as the artist of her tattoos.

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25 thoughts on “One year later

  1. Oh. I saw this posted on facebook with that pic and saw it was from BME .. thought itwas going to be something about transgenders. She’s not very modified is she…

  2. I’m getting a bit sick of BME Girls being an excuse to post hot women in scanty clothing with only tenuous links to the modified community (a couple of tattoos? Really? Would a bloke warrant inclusion in BME’s blog with similar level of modification?).

  3. @Anji: The BMEGirls posts have been happening since day 1, it’s a very long standing tradition. We basically take any opportunity to post semi-naked women. In fact, aside from Gretchen being a member of the IAM community, she’s more modified than some women that have been posted in the past.

    As for the guys, just do a search for BMEBoys, you’ll see we do the exact same for men. Although they don’t tend to send in as many photos as the women.

  4. Gretchen is obviously a very beautiful woman with some rad tattoos. Sorry she’s not modified enough for some of you guys, but there’s really no reason to be such negative Nancies about a picture of a pretty girl. Good post.

  5. I am a member of the IAM Community and thought to send a photo in
    but then hesitated after reading some of the comments posted. And
    was asking myself, How many piercings or tattoos does one have to have?
    I don’t (myself) think it matters if he/she has one or is covered. I LOVE the pics you
    show here. But I am fairly new, so there may be a requirement. She is beautiful.
    keep the pics coming! 🙂

  6. In a less sarcastic tone
    Thank you guys. I love almost everything about bme and the people.

  7. @Maddison: Don’t worry about the trolls. People will criticize anything just for the sake of doing it. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos when you send them in.

  8. I have known Gretchen years. This is one of my fav pics of her!!! Anybody who can hate on a beautiful, strong, and great mom. Must be hating themselves and the person they are. I wish I could look that great after having a baby.

  9. Gretchen is all woman and even more beautiful in person! But I’m lucky enough to know her and she is even more beautiful inside!

  10. Wow, apparently you have to have X number of mods to be featured? News to me. I think this gal is drop dead gorgeous, and I’d kill to look like her after my daughter.

  11. Absolute babe. Fuck the haters; who gives a monkeys about those fools.
    They’re probably 13 year olds sitting at mum and dads computer wishing they were half that cool.

  12. Fuck those haters, she’s a babe.
    I bet those trolls are 13 year old kids on mum’s computer wishing they were that awesome.

  13. I’ve known gretchen for years and this picture is amazing
    Anyone who can hate on a beautiful, strong, and a great mom can eat it

  14. I’d post my IAM name but I’m posting from my phone. You guys are a-fucking-mazing.

  15. Same old gem that pops up all the time: the fuckin’ modified snobs who think some modifications are better than others. It’s like that quote from Animal Farm really. All modifications are modifications, but some are cooler than others.


    I happen to think a simple little culturally-motivated modification can be infinitely more interesting than a tongue bifurcation or cutting or implant or whatever. But that’s just my opinion, not an objective fact.

    Objectively, a mod is a mod.

    Elitism kills communities. Get over yourselves, you snivelling little bitches.

  16. I didn’t see anyone ‘trolling’ (having a difference of opinion is trolling now?) or hating on Gretchen; she’s obviously a very beautiful woman. Nor was I saying some modifications are better than others. What we were saying – well, what I at least was saying – was that I don’t see anywhere near the number of postings of hot, minimally modified men as I do of hot, minimally modified women.

    For the record, I *wish* I were still thirteen. I had a much better body back then. In reality I’m a modified mother myself, probably older than Gretchen and admittedly nowhere near as photogenic. It was not my intention to ‘hate’ on Gretchen; my comment could just as easily have been made on a myriad of other BME Girls posts. But of course, people love to take things personally (in this case, on behalf of another person) and they love to scream ‘troll’ rather than engaging in respectful discourse.

  17. Gretchen is a beautiful modified woman. She has a beautiful soul, and for all of you that want to make fun for whatever reason, that’s really sad. I’m so glad that Gretchen is able to feel comfortable about her own body enough to send in these amazing photos!

    And if you’re pissed that you just can’t see any half naked dudes on ModBlog for free….pay the $24.95 for a BME Hard account. C’mon, guys, this is just absurd.

  18. @Anji: What part of my first comment wasn’t respectful discourse?

    And yes, I used the word troll. I did so because commenting that someone doesn’t have enough modifications to be worthy of being on BME is a trollish comment. Not everyone is heavily modified, but that shouldn’t exclude them from being recognized. Besides, Gretchen has quite a few tattoos. However from what I can tell, she likes the aesthetic of outlines over full colour. So to say she has “tenuous links to the modification community”, is pretty disrespectful and trollish.

    As for why we don’t see photos of hot minimally modified men, or heavily modified men, it’s because they don’t send in as many photos as the women. Trust me, I look every day to find BMEBoys to post, but if they don’t send in photos, my hands are tied.

    And just for the record, here’s a few posts of BMEBoys with less visible modifications (in the photos) than Gretchen. (no visible mods at all!)

    And that’s just for the past 12 months.

  19. I apologise if my approach was seen as disrespectful; it was not my intent, and sometimes I type first, think later. No disrespect was meant to Gretchen. My opinions about the types of images presented on the blog remain, but I shall consider my words more carefully next time I express them, if at all.

  20. Ooh, I have that necklace. And an octopus tattoo. Now if only I looked like THAT! She’s gorgeous.

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