They grow up so fast

About six years ago Shannon shared with you the story of Nadia, IAM: Spirytus’ daughter who, at the time, was six years old.  What was special at the time was that Nadia had just tattooed her dad.

Well, Nadia is 12 now, and she’s still at it.  She even has a small group of clients who are lined up for more work from her.  Her most recent piece was also on her father, which you can see below.

Now six years ago, when the story was first posted.  It was reblogged on a Christian parenting blog, which led to a pretty heated argument between members of their community and ours.  Keep in mind that her father is a tattoo artist, oversees all of her work, and it is all done in a studio.  Specifically Never Say Die in London, England.

It looks like she’s finally grown into those gloves.

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8 thoughts on “They grow up so fast

  1. Too legit. That skull is actually really damn good.

    She should try her hand at cover ups. Haha.

  2. This is probably one of the most valuable things her father could possibly do for her, starting her in a skilled trade at a young age. If she keeps it up, she will always have something she can fall back on

  3. That skull looks better than a lot of the artists work I’ve seen here. Good for her, she’s learning a skill, enjoys doing it, and is going to have a career if she wants it – not many people are that lucky anymore.

  4. I agree with all the above. The skull is really good. What a lovely story.

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