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One of the great things about the BME community is that it’s always willing to help out.  IAM:Shoe is a perfect example of that.  Even though she’s never ran a race in her life, she’s going to be running in the Race for Life cancer run in Bournemouth in a couple of weeks.  Here’s what she has to say.

Hi guys!

I’m running the race for life this year for cancer research; I’ve never ran for ANYTHING before (except maybe the bus) but I think its about time i started 🙂

I have many friends whose lives have been affected by cancer and I am lucky enough to have family members who have survived it; So it makes sense to me to give a little bit back to cancer research, whose work enables so many people to overcome the disease.

If like me you, your life has been affected by cancer, do what you can for this worthwhile charity whilst saving yourself the effort of actually running 😉 – sponsor me to run 5k on the 17th of June.

I desperately need more sponsorship – currently I can only accept UK donations through the sponsorship page but people can also donate via paypal to [email protected] anything anyone gives would be gratefully received, if you tick gift aid (uk only) they donate the tax too. many thanks! shoe 🙂

If you recall, back in May IAM: Nexizydrate also ran in a Race for Life run, and with the help of readers she was able to surpass her goal.  So hopefully we’ll be able to help another person reach their goal.

And in case you forgot what Shoe looks like, she was nice enough to send along a photo.

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