Something something corset..

IAM:.Trevor. is on a roll with his “corset as jewelry” projects.  At this point I can say anything I want because you’ve obviously stopped reading and are looking at the girl below.  It’s really lovely out today.  I think I’ll go for a walk and then get a haircut.  Purple monkey dishwasher.

12 thoughts on “Something something corset..

  1. @inka I’m really pleased with the om as well. It’s just very slightly raised and not very noticeable. Which is exactly what she wanted.

  2. Trevor, maybe she wants to get in the kitchen and make you a gah-damn sammich, too? :D

  3. I love the integration of the CBRs into the corset design. I have yet to experiment with corseting but when I do (soon) I will defiantly do something with some body jewelry and ribbons. ;)

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