Who wants a hug?

With Prometheus out in theatres, it’s time for an Alien inspired tattoo.  So what do you think of this facehugger?

Keep reading to see the unblurred photo in all it’s xenomorphic goodness.

Thanks to szwwhytty for sending this in.

20 thoughts on “Who wants a hug?

  1. I second what Alex said! wow. I can’t even image how badly that had to hurt though…*winces*

  2. Female Genital ?

    I can be wrong but i actually think that this is a nullification !
    or at least something ‘s been taken off, at least that’s what i think …

    anyone has same toughts ?

  3. @Rob:
    Yea… but i was thinking that too… something does not look right there…
    I too think something was cut of there…

  4. No, not all lady bits look the same, but I think these bits have had the outer labia and hood removed.

  5. Actually, apart from outer labia and hood, to me it looks like there is no inner labia as well! I mean, that is like totally flat, and you could (you know) ‘dig’ into my ladyparts…

  6. Lady parts definitely aren’t the same but I have to agree that there is more to these pictures than just natural variance of anatomy. Perhaps one reason for the tattoo/where the tattoo lines sit- Covering labial and other removal marks? Gender reassignment? Hmm..not sure but it’s definitely not 100% natural.

  7. I see no clitoris.. either this is a nullification or a trans-gender (in my opinion), that aside we are taking the attention away from the original intent of this post which was to look at that awesome tattoo! Nice one :)

  8. Hooray for assigning gender to folks you don’t know / shaming others parts / general problematic behavior

    The tattoo is pretty awesome, and that’s really all folks need to be concerned about, seeing as that is the focus of the post.

  9. I love to go down on women but this scares the hell out of me! That tattoo is not sexy in my book but the piercing works nice! :-)

  10. Noticing body mods on a body mod blog isn’t shaming. And genitals don’t equal gender, gender refers to societal roles, genitals equal the *sex* of a person. typically bioloical and not cultural in nature. I dont think any of these commanders noticing anatomical differences were done in a negative way. They are just noticing other potential alterations. If you want society to be more accepting of variance, don’t get upset when they notice and nuetrally point it out. Just because your offended doesn’t mean it’s offensive.

  11. I wonder if this brave beautiful woman attached to this vagina loves her modifications? I have heard that in most cases sex is even more pleasurable after outer lips were trimmed. Is this true in this case do u love it? Or regret it? I think it looks beautiful and would love a taste. The tattoo is pretty cool too :) thank you for sharing this very person picture

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