Girls can play too!

When it comes to voluntary surgical genital modification, it is largely a boys club.

While there are more options for males, females are not completely out of the game. Amongst female modifications, the clitoral hood splitting or hood removal is one of the more common options. Lot’s of women are cursed with a hood that does not allow their clitoris to be exposed, even when erect. A slit to open it up, or a removal (partial or complete) can open up a whole new world of sexual pleasure for women with that problem. For other women who’s clitoris is exposed during arousal, these procedures can allow more of it to be so, which can heighten the sensitivity allowing orgasm’s to more easily be obtained.

As a female interested in genital work, Dawnie had a hard time finding information on the subject. So when she decided to go through with getting the procedure herself, she was thoughtful enough to write a  experience (membership required to view) on the subject. She is very open about her procedure and willing to talk to people who may be interested in learning from her experience with it. So if you, or someone you know are considering or could benefit from such a procedure, start doing some research, get a BME membership if you haven’t one already, and talk to people who have gotten these procedures.

For a look at her healed partial hood removal, keep on reading.