Paul vs. The Explorer

That’s Supa looking on as Paul pulls an Explorer with only a single hook in his wrist.  I have no idea if he was able to move the car, but you can tell just how intense the experience was simply by taking a close look at Paul.

More photos from the pull can be found in the Kaptive8 Suspension Krew gallery.

2 thoughts on “Paul vs. The Explorer

  1. As the owner of said Explorer I can tell you that YES Paul did move it. He pulled it back approximately 5-10 feet from where it started and would have been able to continue except that the parking lot comes to a bit of a V and he wasnt able to pull it back up the incline.

  2. The last time i saw someone pull a car on Modblog it was with their “tant”, “notch”, “gooch” Idk what to call it but, it’s the space between the asshole and the balls. It was a redheaded guy and he did it with two suspension hooks. It looked like a brutal and bloody experience. Just thought I’d share. :)

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