The best thing on British TV since Mr. Bean?

My favorite crazy Brits, the Psycho Cyborgs, are up to something.  Recently they took over Camden High Street in London for ten minutes. They are working on a new project and this was one of many upcoming promotions for that project. They can’t tell us too much about it, because the whole point of this is that they are building up interest for when it’s “released” in September – It should  be incredible though!


Reality shows – Tried, tested and tired of seeing them all? Think again!!

Horror movies? Well, we have all seen at least a few that have made us cringe, jump, and sometimes be shocked at by all the blood, guts, gore and a few weapons of choice. After it’s finished off you go to bed feeling entertained but knowing it wasn’t real.

But what if it were? And what if you, the viewer, were in complete control?

Well now you are…

This is gonna be utterly insane. Pure sickness!

It’s entertainment. It’s gore. It’s blood. It’s fun. It’s pain.

And it’s REAL.

Pulling the Pussy Palace

I love flesh hooks and oddly enough I love vans. I don’t know if it was the A-Team or the tacky 70′s/80′s custom vans, but I am ready for vanning to make a come back. So obviously, I had to feature a picture that combines hooks and vans.


This picture comes from the Flesh Factory Bonus Galleries.  They arranged this van pulling in conjunction with Rings of Pleasure.

Put your lips to my exhaust..

The lighting isn’t great in the following video from Rafa (more) but it’s not often you get to see a car being pulled down the road by a pair of legs, a body and a pair of hooks, now is it.. a-hem..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 (no music) or Full members (no music)

Another video from the Rafmeistertronist (calm down, Roo) after the break..

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