An artist in need

Occasionally I have some bad news to post, and unfortunately this is one of those times.  Jordan Teear, a tattoo artist from Frith Street Tattoo in London was in LA to start a road trip to NYC when his bike was struck by another vehicle.  Presently Jordan is in the hospital awaiting surgery for two broken legs.  Aaron from True Tattoo Hollywood, another artist and Jordan’s friend was with Jordon on his road trip when the accident occurred.  He’s since set up a fundraising effort to help not only Jordan, but any other tattoo artists who have been injured in bike accidents.  If you would like to donate to this charity that can help other people in Jordan’s situation please send a donation as a gift via PayPal to [email protected].  You can also keep track of Jordan’s recovery via Aaron’s twitter account, or the Frith Street Tattoo website.  Everyone here at BME wishes Jordan a speedy recovery.

That’s Jordan on the right, taken shortly before the trip began.

4 thoughts on “An artist in need

  1. I was just at True Tattoo for their $20 tattoo Friday the 13th special and they were highlighting the fundraiser, wasn’t much but I bought a ticket win or lose. Hope it helps!!!

  2. @Andrae: They were less than an hour into their cross country road trip.. a trip they were doing on motorcycles.

  3. I’d like to send out some positive wishes to Jordan. I got hit by a car while riding a bike when I was 12 and I literally landed on my face. I had reconstructive surgery to fix my nose and sew back on my eye lid. You’d ever know it looking at my face now, thank god. Thanks to my hippie moms home remedies. Maybe the 5 hours of plastic surgery too, maybe. ;) I really hope Jordan has such good luck. I know it sucks being stuck in the hospital. Someone should bring him a drawing pad and some pencils that always keeps me busy. :) Morphine helps too.

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