An artist in need

Occasionally I have some bad news to post, and unfortunately this is one of those times.  Jordan Teear, a tattoo artist from Frith Street Tattoo in London was in LA to start a road trip to NYC when his bike was struck by another vehicle.  Presently Jordan is in the hospital awaiting surgery for two broken legs.  Aaron from True Tattoo Hollywood, another artist and Jordan’s friend was with Jordon on his road trip when the accident occurred.  He’s since set up a fundraising effort to help not only Jordan, but any other tattoo artists who have been injured in bike accidents.  If you would like to donate to this charity that can help other people in Jordan’s situation please send a donation as a gift via PayPal to  You can also keep track of Jordan’s recovery via Aaron’s twitter account, or the Frith Street Tattoo website.  Everyone here at BME wishes Jordan a speedy recovery.

That’s Jordan on the right, taken shortly before the trip began.

Hey Sweden!

This is primarily addressed to our Swedish readers, but if you have friends in the Stockholm area, direct them to this post.

Anders Allinger is a name any reader of ModBlog should be familiar with.  His piercings and scarification pieces have been a staple on ModBlog for many years, and he’s a big BME supporter.  Now you might be asking yourself what this has to do with Stockholm, as Anders is currently working at Flesh Impressions in Australia.  Well, he’s actually packing up his family and moving to Sweden, and is looking for work.  So if you know of any shops in the Stockholm area that are looking for an experienced body modification and scarification artist send Anders an e-mail.  And be sure to check out his piercing and scarification galleries.

Want to work for BME?

We’re still looking for a translator for the hundreds of hours of video footage taken on the Japan leg of last year’s BME World Tour.  If you’re fluent in both Japanese and English, and are able to not only translate, but also transcribe the dialogue with the appropriate time codes, then this job may be for you.  You’ll be able to work from home, and get a paycheck while doing it.

If you’re interested in the position and want to join the BME team, please send your qualifications and/or any questions you may have to with the subject line “World Tour – Japanese Translator Job”.

While we’re on the subject of all things Japanese, Efix Roy, that handsome devil from D-Markation in Quebec, just carved an awesome recreation of the Kamakura Buddha into someone’s arm.

Be sure to check out more of Efix’s work in his BME portfolio gallery.

BME is Hiring!

As you’ve probably noticed, videos from last year’s section of the world tour have started to appear on ModBlog.  Over the past couple of months 25 separate interviews have been posted, and there are many more to come.  We’re still a few months from being completely finished with all of the Australia and New Zealand videos, but when that happens it’ll be time to start working on editing the videos from the Japan leg of the tour.  Which is where you come in.

BME is hiring a Japanese to English translator to translate the hundreds of hours of video that was shot.  In addition they will need to be able to transcribe the dialogue, as well as type it out with the proper time codes and subtitle formatting.  Location doesn’t matter, as you can do this from home, and yes you will be paid. Oh, and it probably goes without saying, but you’ll need to be fluent in both Japanese and English.  Experience with editing video is a plus!

If you’re interested in the position and want to join the BME team, please send your qualifications and/or any questions you may have to with the subject line “World Tour – Japanese Translator Job”.

And now for something completely different, a tattoo of a camera by Arad Bert from Kipod Tattoo.

Also, a big thank you to everyone that is sending in requests for portfolio galleries.  The response has been fantastic, and we’re looking forward to hearing from more of you.  So if you’re a body modification professional, a tattoo artist, a studio, or a suspension team.  Send an e-mail to with a request for a portfolio gallery, so the next time you submit photos they’ll be added to your own personal gallery, in addition to appearing in the category galleries.

Help Wanted

Some of you heard rumors that I was opening a tattoo/piercing shop and those rumors are true. I built the shop in April/May of 2009 with a tattooer as a partner but before it opened up, things with the partnership fell through. Regardless, I got a new partner/owner as well as a partner in life and it’s now his shop. I built it with blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears (you drop a tatsoul chair on your big toe and see how it feels!).

Now that Norm has the shop “looking like a tattoo shop” and not like a fancy hair salon, he’s put up a help wanted flyer on his myspace. I figured that I would help spread the word, as I’ve done in the past for other shops looking for new hires. The shop is beautiful and Fairfax has basically become the “new Melrose” as far as alternative areas of town. We’re next door to several art galleries, Supreme, Hall of Fame, RVCA, Diamond, The Hundreds, and several other great stores, including the world famous Canter’s Deli.


It’s a great shop, on a great street with a great owner. The look and feel of the shop is amazing. One could spend a day oogling the amazing flash collection, the art on the walls from hundreds of amazing artists and tattooers from around the world and the set up is amazing. I can toot my own horn a little bit on this as I designed and planned the shop.

If you have a portfolio or would like to send this out to a friend that might be interested, feel free to pass along the flyer. Send your portfolios or a link to them to Norm via his email address if you’re interested. There are currently only 3 booths available and Norm will be splitting his time between Will Rise Studios and Spotlight Tattoo. We’ve got an amazing list of guest artists who will be coming and going as well as if you’re lucky you can catch Bob Roberts hanging out. BMEshop is still located in the back warehouse area of the shop and will be staying there.

I hope that everyone has been happy with the volunteers who are donating their time to keep modblog updated while I’m busy working on the new site and keeping the old version updated as well. Thanks to Sean, Jen, BlueStar, Lilly and Lexci for their hard work. I’m glad you guys don’t miss me too much!