Guess What?

It’s been a few weeks since the last guess what post, and as it stands I’m on a losing streak when it comes to predicting if people will be able to guess what it is or not.  I am feeling lucky today, so I think my losing streak will be over.  You know how the game works, I show you a cropped image, and you tell me what you think the photo is of.

Keep in mind there may be more than one thing happening here.  Once you think you have an idea, read ahead to see if you’re right.

Well unless you’ve been paying attention to the BME Hard bonus galleries, the likelihood you were able to guess that this was a foreskin stretching is pretty low.  And no, simply guessing “something to do with genitals” doesn’t count as a right answer.

And here’s a side angle to give you a better idea of what you’re seeing.

For those that don’t know, the BME Hard Bonus Galleries are comprised of photos sent in by BME Hard subscribers.  Anyone with a BME Hard membership can create a bonus gallery where they can showcase their own modifications and rituals.  This gallery in particular belongs to Scorpio, a gentleman who has a knack for inventing interesting devices to play with.  Keep an eye here as we’ll be seeing more of his creations later in the week.

8 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Wow, I was way off. I thought that someone had somehow managed to pierce their cervix.

  2. I was thinking about a camera inserted in a vagina while having fun with a pierced boy :D

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