Oh, Joeltron…


Keep reading after the break to see exactly how this contraption was installed.

Hopefully enough people had the momentary whimsy of not realizing that was a photoshop job on the jewelry? Side note; I sure do love Joeltron’s eyeball tattoo by the way — the bright green that both he and now Eva Medusa have (gosh I love that when I post on ModBlog, rather than just on Facebook, I can actually easily find old entries and link to them!!!) is such a great colour for eyeballs. Now if we could only figure out how to do mirrored eyes…

Anyway, what you’re actually looking at is the jewelry that Joeltron ( and used on Sally Hacket’s ear, one of his chaotic and technological trondustrials. They’re a bit of a love it or hate it aesthetic I think, with some people seeing them as neo-cyberpunk masterpieces, and other people seeing them as the earwork version of a scribble. In this case he built the jewelry out of an Industrial Strength connecty bit, Anatometal hearts and barbells, and “lots of joiny doo-dads and miscellaneous bits”. If you look carefully you can see the divets where the pieces all connect. Unlike most industrials of this type, Joeltron builds out of smaller components joined together to make a larger whole, rather than bending a single long bar into a complex shape — this technique adds to the high-tech sci-fi look that he’s going for I think (zoom for a closer look).


8 thoughts on “Foreheadmageddon

  1. Ooohhh I really wanted to believe that someone somewhere was walking around with that jewelry implanted transdermaly on their forehead.

  2. Brainal leakage…hmm.

    Would be nearly impossible to put ear plugs in and out all the time (I need them) if it went through the tragus.

  3. Sal has to wear ear plugs for work, so the tragus was out of the question (even though I pushed). The hovering-heart was a bit of a compromise = between what I wanted to achieve in this piece and her day-to-day wearability.

  4. I would’ve liked to see the tragus pierced as well. I hate ipod ear buds, I wear reasonably sized over the ear, I think to look retro/audiophile soundquality, but it probably would affect how my piercings feel… I never thought about it

  5. I appreciate the artistry and engineering but I don’t like the look of it. I’m really old skool when it comes to body jewelry I like simple steel and matching balls or small spikes. I hate colored titanium or plastic balls. But, that’s just my opinion. And I immediately knew that was photo shopped.

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