King of all Erls

I posted Eric Stango’s bridge piercing a little while back when he was at a measly 00ga (you may also remember him from a couple neat piercing projects — a set of “whiskers” and an anthropomorphic ear piercing). Since then he’s pushed it up to accept an impressive 12mm tunnel, just a sliver away from being an epic 1/2″ Erl. Here he is showing it off with some assistance of one of his four young apprentices (find Eric at Lifestyles and Krazy Eric’s in Connecticut).


ericsuperbridge-1t ericsuperbridge-2t

ericsuperbridge-3t ericsuperbridge-4t

5 thoughts on “King of all Erls

  1. Impressive!

    But somehow I can’t shake the feeling that this couldn’t possibly last long. Looks like a lot of stress on the tissue and it actually looks kinda red too.

    Regardless, pretty amazing.

  2. Celestial – It’s already stood the test of time, it’s been stretched for ages… The redness also seems to always be there. Not sure if it’s just his skin or a persistent stress point, but it doesn’t appear to be a problem sign.

  3. Shannon – Fair enough then. The red just stood out enough to notice it.

    The human body never seizes to amaze me.

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