About BlueStar

BlueStar is Hi, I'm San. I'm 25, an equestrian, student (computer engineering) and body mod enthusiast. I've been on BME since I was 14, and got my navel pierced, from there it just exploded. I'm heavily tattooed, although you can't tell if I'm fully clothed, and have many piercings, as well as a split tongue and pointed ears. I'm excited to be writing for Modblog, since I've been following it since it started and now I can contribute. You can catch me on IAM as BlueStar.

Stomach suspension

Hello! I’m San (aka BlueStar) and this is my first post to Modblog.

I found this while checking out Allen Falkner’s blog, and was completely blown away! This is a video of Neil, from the ARGO suspension team doing a single point stomach, or better know as “resurrection”, suspension. As Allen said, this is something you should definitely not try at home!