Stomach suspension

Hello! I’m San (aka BlueStar) and this is my first post to Modblog.

I found this while checking out Allen Falkner’s blog, and was completely blown away! This is a video of Neil, from the ARGO suspension team doing a single point stomach, or better know as “resurrection”, suspension. As Allen said, this is something you should definitely not try at home!

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About BlueStar

BlueStar is Hi, I'm San. I'm 25, an equestrian, student (computer engineering) and body mod enthusiast. I've been on BME since I was 14, and got my navel pierced, from there it just exploded. I'm heavily tattooed, although you can't tell if I'm fully clothed, and have many piercings, as well as a split tongue and pointed ears. I'm excited to be writing for Modblog, since I've been following it since it started and now I can contribute. You can catch me on IAM as BlueStar.

24 thoughts on “Stomach suspension

  1. hahaha he was like hardcore dancing while he was up….single point suspensions scare the shit out of me too-i always think the skin will have to rip or something-but skin is so much stronger then i assume it nuts…

  2. I already tried to submit this along with a a few other pictures from this particular meet.
    following this supension Neil did 3 superman tandems. The first was with myself in a resurrection, the second was with THREE knee suspensions each from two different points in his front (thighs, stomach, chest) AT ONCE, and then one with a rebirth. Neil is and incredible guy to say the least…

  3. That was some of the most fun I’ve ever had! You’re right Steve, it was one of your gilsons, and there was no tearing. In addition to the one point, I was also the top man on 3 different tandems that night. One of which involved me doing a superman with three ladies suspending from me from their knees. Hope to see you all at Dallas SusCon this year! I have some crazy stuff planned.

  4. I must say that I am quite impressed. By standards I am a small guy, and I like to push the limits…. he’s much bigger than I am, much respect to Agro Suspensions. By the way, Agro is mis-spelled in the title…. it says “ARGO” .

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