You Know More Than You Think You Do

Quite the murderer’s row of babies on the old ModBlog lately, no? First we had last week’s Smurficide, and now Back Sass Jezebel‘s stunning little Dahlia Grace here just made my heart explode. Good grief. It just got a little dusty here at the office.

(“My little girl loves her daddy,” says the new mama, and those would be daddy’s hands, with tattoo work by Tom at Inksanity in Somerset, New Jersey.)

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Eh, Maybe Texas

Burgh heard the screams, the cries, and before he ever saw it, he knew exactly what had happened. He ran out into the backyard and there it was: His daughter, Sophie, on her first birthday, had killed and eaten a Smurf. Look at that face, that uninhibited bloodlust. Why? Who knows why. Sophie’s not talking. And not a jury in the world is going to convict a baby.

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