Happy Birthday to the one and only,Penguin Boy!

My Buddy, Jason Brott aka Penguin Boy is celebrating his birthday today.  In case you are new here, I featured his first suspension on modblog and shortly thereafter that green dude from Lizard Skynard interviewed him here.


There are so few “born freaks” in modern sideshow, we should remember to show  much respect to those who take what other’s would consider a disability and turn it into performance. So be sure and wish ‘ol Jason a happy birthday!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Penguin Boy

Editor’s Note: Once again it’s been way too long since we’ve heard from The Lizardman himself.
Let’s give Erik a big hearty modblog “Welcome Back”!

Time moves fast on the internet. It has only been a little over a week since the images of Penguin Boy’s first suspension hit modblog and created a stir but that entry is already more than a couple pages back from the main page. I have been living and working Penguin Boy as part of the Hellzapoppin Sideshow and managed to pin him down for a few questions and photos. Click through to read and see more of Penguin Boy.

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