Happy Birthday to the one and only,Penguin Boy!

My Buddy, Jason Brott aka Penguin Boy is celebrating his birthday today.  In case you are new here, I featured his first suspension on modblog and shortly thereafter that green dude from Lizard Skynard interviewed him here.


There are so few “born freaks” in modern sideshow, we should remember to show  much respect to those who take what other’s would consider a disability and turn it into performance. So be sure and wish ‘ol Jason a happy birthday!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the one and only,Penguin Boy!

  1. Already said on FB, but Happy Birthday!!!

    Also, I totally agree it’s awesome that there are still real freaks in sideshow, particularly one that is so heavily modified.

  2. Happy Birthday dude! You most certainly fucking rock lol!

    That stunt you do lifting stuff with your lobes blows my mind, as it would blow the hell out of my lobes haha, i can barely keep normal weights in mine so props for pulling it off!

  3. Saw Penguin Boy at the Milwaukee Tattoo Convention last month. He went up with a two point stomach suspension. Looked quite painful. Props for using so few hooks!

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