Two Tongues, One Pussy!

Years ago I was talking to piercers about the weirdest piercing they ever did, and one of them swore up and down that they’d pierced a person with two tongues — and this was long before the days of tongue splitting. They described it as a smaller tongue than the “main” one, set somewhat back in the mouth. I just sort of wrote it off as a tall tale, but there’s a story running right now in North Carolina about a cat with two tongues…

So maybe his story could have been true?

Or maybe I posted this entry solely so I could get away with its title.

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4 thoughts on “Two Tongues, One Pussy!

  1. The other day, a co worker of mine insisted she needed a day off of work to take her 5 year old to the doctor because she said she had just noticed that her daughter had two tongues. I laughed of course, and gave the crazy woman the time off. I figured, if she really did have two tongues, I didn’t want her to choke on one because of me. Anyway, the next day i asked her what the doctor concluded, and he said some people have a large wind pipe covering, which could look like two tongues. Maybe that is what the person pierced.

  2. Um, what’s your problem Meg? The cat was born that way. Just because it’s on modblog doesn’t mean anyone did a damn thing to that cat.

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