Ascension Suspension Video

Steve Truitt from Ascension Suspension just emailed me their new video trailer. There’s lots of neat clips in this — tons of good looking performers with a lot of life in them, a human rotisserie, ass suspension, blood play, single hooks, tandem suspension, spinning beams, fire, and more. Great video from a great group.

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2 thoughts on “Ascension Suspension Video

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    Posted on 11-21-2005 00:57:26 by dd
    progressive scan. plays better on computers and on progressive scan televisions!

    Posted on 11-21-2005 13:11:13 by la negra
    good video! makes me want get suspended again

    Posted on 11-29-2005 04:31:01 by dutchweirdo
    Wow, that sure looks great! Very nice video!

    Posted on 02-17-2006 17:30:51 by zombie jesus
    glad some people liked the video.

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