Intense Testicular Torture

You know, I’ve seen some pretty intense ball torture and skewering pictures over the years; heavy nailing and so on. But this set has to be one of the most intense. I mean, how do you even ram a flat-head screwdriver through your nuts? Wow.

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7 thoughts on “Intense Testicular Torture

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    Posted on 11-26-2005 23:04:22 by Aretha
    holy shit.

    Posted on 11-27-2005 21:09:57 by BadlyDrawnGirl

    Posted on 12-07-2005 00:37:35 by AnotherHole
    This takes balls…. at least to start.

    Posted on 12-07-2005 10:22:03 by oh man
    woooooooooooooooooooow that so look loike it hurts really bad

  2. goes it through the egg or only between the eggs through the ballsac? only the sac is easy;
    Through the egg – that’s a good heavy act – my congratulations!!!
    my thickest trans-egg-tool was an great nail, 10 cm long – i think!

  3. Could be fake due to the location. But I saw a video of a guy in India jam a barely sharpened piece of aluminum through both of his nuts. I may not care any more about mine than he does his, but that kind of pain I just can’t handle.

  4. Can’t believe most don’t know how easy this is. The toughest part is getting the spike through your sack. You simply cut a tiny slit through the skin and the much tougher membrane, I forget the name, at the intended entrance and exit. Then skewer it through the openings. They are very soft and if the spike is sharp enough it will go through with little to no pain and effort depending on size and sharpness. The practitioner from India, Raj Rajiv did not, but his balls are so dead from years of abuse and injections it was far less painful than if they had been healthy. Most pain was from penetrating and exiting his sack.

    How do I know how painless it is to destroy your balls if you do it right? I skewer mine all the time and many times scramble the inside of them while I do. That is twisting the needle around inside. I mostly trash my right one, it is smaller, softer and less painful to squeeze. I am also on other sites listed in my blog on xhamster. Enjoy. Unless you have a weak stomach, in which case don’t look.

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