Rotten Banana Fucker!

Well, since I’m on a short kick here of posting kind of kinky stuff, can I just say that guys find the funniest ways to masturbate. I think maybe pierced guys especially (at least if they get piercings because they’re interested in new sexual sensations and so on)? Well, here you go.

One thought on “Rotten Banana Fucker!

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    Posted on 11-26-2005 22:24:36 by j.
    that’s nothing.
    now, masturbating with a banana in your cunt, that’s something else.

    Posted on 11-27-2005 01:56:08 by Arden_Drake
    I won’t be happy till I see two girls using a banada as a double ended dong.

    Posted on 11-28-2005 19:22:04 by littleskittles
    it kinda makes sense because bad bananas are really soft and gooey. I dunno.. make I’m just weird 😉

    Posted on 11-28-2005 19:22:54 by littleskittles
    and I can’t spell either! make=maybe

    Posted on 11-29-2005 21:05:24 by Solanum
    I like that he won’t touch the banana with his bare hand, but is all about smashing it all around his junk.

    Posted on 11-30-2005 20:11:47 by mikalobe
    banana creme pie!!

    Posted on 12-07-2005 00:36:45 by AnotherHole
    latex gloves to keep things sterile…. or so that nasty crap doesn’t get on his hands?

    Posted on 12-10-2005 17:36:56 by Courtney
    Well, if you must.

    Posted on 01-30-2006 06:03:10 by Iam
    The penis itself does not look very appitizing either.

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