Flying 69

You know you’ve been watching too much porn if all you can think about when you’re hanging by your knees like this is whether the crowd is going to notice your boner — rather than worrying whether you’re about to experience a piledriver after the hooks tear out of your knees!

Thanks (and apologies for the dirty comments) to Kat for sending in this picture of her getting picked up by James in Des Moines, Iowa.

3 thoughts on “Flying 69

  1. Hey I’m from Iowa, it’s good to see that suspension is happening here!

  2. thats just plain old irresponsiailble lookking sususopsion bu then again who am i 2 talk i got a ticket when i paper clipped suspneded my gerbil from my nutzzz in the libarary bathroom

  3. je voulais savoir le fait de ce suspendre, était-il douloureu?
    Et qu’elle sensation cela provoque?
    Merci pour vos réponces.

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