Beautiful Suspensions

Also earlier this month I mentioned how in the early days of iWasCured (our Toronto hooker crew) we suspended someone in a prom dress… Amusingly, it actually happened earlier in the day of the irresponsible suspension I just posted! In the picture below you can see her suspending (in the rain) with her parents smiling in the background. It was really a wonderful experience that made us all feel very happy about what we were involved with.

August 2001, Toronto

When I look at these pictures I sure miss living in that little dive of an apartment and the suspesion tower we built in the back yard. Eventually some property developers came and forced us to tear it down… Gentrification has replaced our monument to the past living in the future with cheap townhomes for yuppies with over-extended credit.

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One thought on “Beautiful Suspensions

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    Posted on 02-20-2006 22:31:42 by broken_wings
    The parents look happy. I love seeing supportive parents. I want mine to be like that one day. This pic just made me smile.

    Posted on 02-20-2006 23:26:17 by Saul
    To see parents like that just adds my faith in humanity :)

    Posted on 02-20-2006 23:28:42 by outmywindow
    Her dress is so simple yet so beautiful! I love the color.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 00:32:36 by herekittykitty
    Everything about this pic is beautiful.
    Thanks, Shannon =)

    Posted on 02-21-2006 01:55:55 by hekatesgal
    awesome shot. I was just telling my friend that I can totally picture my (now 4 yr old) son getting into suspension and how much I hoped I’d be invited.
    He’s already planning his tats.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 03:35:29 by dream3r
    my parents would freak the fuck out and then kick me out of the house. i’m 19 and mom already told me ‘no lip rings, they’re discusting.’

    Posted on 02-21-2006 04:20:50 by Sarah
    I like how happy her parents look too. I wish I could take my mom with me when I suspend. It’s not that she’d get mad as much as she’d worry incessantly.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 05:12:30 by silver
    Aw, the parents are so cute! My parents have enough faith in my choices that they would let me do whatever I really wanted, but they wouldn’t be there smiling.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 11:02:18 by coiffed
    I’ve always wished my parents could be supportive of my decisions, and been envious of people able to fully share themselves with their families. This picture is beautiful, and makes me want to be a proud, supportive mama some day!

    Posted on 02-21-2006 11:04:42 by marguerite
    My parents would literaly try to have me hospitalized if they knew I was going to try a suspension. It is so amazing to see how happy her parents are for her, that they want to share in what makes her happy.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 12:09:55 by gidget
    I asked my mom if she would support me during my first sudpension and she litterallly said she’d abandon me if i eve did that. how comforting

    Posted on 02-21-2006 16:27:49 by frankie.revolver
    I’m very jealous of her in having parents like that. If I even show my mother my stretched ears she starts screaming at me and tells me its going to make her throw up.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 12:01:57 by kristen
    the first time i took hooks i looked over at my husband just afterwards and said i want to call my mom, but that isn’t an option for me, i hope she appreciates what shes got and never feels the hurt i feel having to hide my most joyous moments from the people closest to me

    Posted on 02-23-2006 20:18:38 by i had to say it somewhere….
    i wish my mother would be supportive like that… i can almost be sure that she would yell at me for just looking at this picture. she says that if i ever stretch my ears more (currently i have 00) she will throw me out of the house. I can’t even trust her : when she found out that i had my tongue web pierced, she pretended that it was okay and asked me to show it to her… and then the second she saw it, she yelled “you got THAT pierced????!! well it’s your problem!” it’s sad that i have no way to know what her reaction will be

    Posted on 02-26-2006 08:35:26 by lippi
    that’s beautiful! she’s so lucky to have supportive parents.

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