8 thoughts on “Pierced Drinking Appliance?

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    Posted on 04-04-2006 02:41:45 by LisaBoBisa
    I really like the symetry in his facial piercings.

    Posted on 04-04-2006 03:25:37 by penski
    Is that the same dude in the ‘eyelid piercing’ photo from WAAAAAY back (before the recent spate of them)?


    Posted on 04-04-2006 04:51:57 by dream3r
    I don’t see an eyelid piercing, so I would guess no. Lovely tattoo on his stomach though.

    Posted on 04-04-2006 08:53:36 by glider
    I don’t think it’s the same kid but you never know.

    Posted on 04-04-2006 09:25:34 by fre_k
    Different eye colour, i dont think its him, could always have contacts i suppose.

    Posted on 04-04-2006 14:35:01 by Angel
    If it is him…he got WAY hotter….lol

    Posted on 04-04-2006 18:00:45 by LeeBee
    mmm… love the high metal amount and the hotness of the dude = l0ve

    Posted on 04-05-2006 03:12:19 by jaelbait
    does his tattoo say “fuck off” or “suck off”? that’s an honest question, by the way.

    Posted on 04-05-2006 03:28:37 by outmywindow
    I believe it says “Cluck off.”

    That’s an honest answer, by the way.

  2. Do you not check the people interested? If you with someone say so! You are HOT! Just let me KNOW! I’m I regular person in the looks….

  3. I swear I know this guy. We used to hang out at “Taylor’s house” and he lived down the street from them in Wichita, Ks. His name was Nathan. Don’t remember that last name. If anyone knows him, pass on his name!

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