Live Free

I agree. By Dave from Big Kahuna in Boca Raton, FL.

You’ll notice today that I did a lot of posts, like the last time. You’ll also notice that it’s very late as I post this. I’ve been working incredibly long hours on the BME encyclopedia and other projects, and it’s wiping me out. So I think for a little while I may post every two or three days, but make them nice big sets.

I also wanted to apologize for the problems with the comment system… that’s what slows down the front page load, and as you know, it returns no posts (0) instead of the actual number about half the time, which sucks… I need to recode it…

Anyway, if you’re bored, come help with the wiki!

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One thought on “Live Free

  1. The following comments were imported from our old comment system:

    Posted on 04-18-2006 05:02:36 by , its a great message.


    I really like the tatoo, its a great message.


    Posted on – Get some sleep! Hope you feel better soon.

    by fre_k

    e sleep! Hope you feel better soon.

    Posted on 04-18-2006 09:03:00 by fre_k
    i spelt tattoo wrong, what an idiot.

    Posted on 04-18-2006 18:23:29 by E
    I second that (the “get some sleep” part)…take care of yourself. We can wait two or three days between updates. Get the rest you need so you can keep on keeping on.

    Posted on 04-18-2006 23:32:28 by kuroneko711
    shannon, none of us are going to be angry at a smaller amount of posts, you’re doing something great with making the encyclopedia, and you deserve the rest. i’m looking forward to it, but please, for goodness sake, SLEEP.

    Posted on 04-19-2006 00:44:55 by no sleep till Brooklyn

    Posted on 04-19-2006 02:04:01 by Vienna
    I’m the type of person who enjoys positive body modification… i’m tired of people getting self deprecating tattoos. This is a good one.

    Posted on 04-19-2006 05:49:49 by -
    I’m not entirely sure that a whip would be an appropriate tool to inspire fear and diligence.

    Posted on 04-19-2006 11:54:49 by Lostsally000
    I love this tattoo!!! It’s awesome when people get tattoos that actually mean something and not something copied from a famous person…..Keep it up people, show some individuality….(I think I spelled that wrong) Whatever!!!

    Posted on 04-20-2006 03:53:59 by Tonto, jump on it
    Definitely dig the tattoo – I think he needs to get ‘or die’ inked into his palms, and I’ve never even been to Vermont.

    I’m certainly not going to complain about fewer posts, particularly if it helps with Shannon’s help. I can’t, however, be the only one who would like to see modblog turn into a sort of for body modification topics – several notable people who can all post fairly regularly. I’ve thought about how nice it would be to see what kind of modification stuff several other figures would pick out to feature on the site. I definitely love hearing and seeing what Shannon picks out, but I’m sure there are several other people who would be willing and able to contribute to this particular blog (since Shannon has IAM/zentastic) to help take the load off of Shannon while simultaneously increasing the post rate.

    Just a though I’ve had for a few months.

    Posted on 04-20-2006 04:27:26 by glider
    I’m not actually talking about fewer posts — I’m talking about the same number of posts, but spread out less evenly… But I think if I switch to WordPress or something I could schedule them.

    Posted on 04-22-2006 03:24:00 by Entropy
    hey Tonto-
    “live free or die” is New Hampshire. Vermont is “The green Mountain state”.

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