Good blood spray, Igor!

Since some people had trouble figuring it out the other day, you click on the blurry picture to see the clear picture… Oh, and I assume it’s obvious, but please note the BME/HARD tag.

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19 thoughts on “Good blood spray, Igor!

  1. Is it bad that the thing which “impresses” me most about this picture is just how damn hairy that guy is?

  2. outmywindow: be nice! he’s got NOTHING on robin williams and some people really like hair. it’s good for traction. ;)

  3. Severed: Well, i have to agree with outmywindow… he IS awefully hairy.,. but i definitly don’t mean it in a derogatory manner or in an insulting sense.. i’m just sayin’ that the amount of hair he has on his body shocked me more than the penile blood spray did… too much BME has caused normal things to shock me more than said “ab”normal things. LOL

  4. Yup, some guys are hairy, despite what you see on TV and in print ads.

    I’ve always loved how you can tense the muscles and make blood squirt.

  5. Sorry if my comment came across as an insult! It wasn’t meant to be one. I was just saying how, despite all that bloody penis in the foreground of the photo, it was the man’s body hair which I noticed first.

    For the record, men who shave themselves freak me out. I don’t want to be in bed with someone who has legs which are as smooth (if not smoother) than my own…

  6. It didn’t come across as an insult, I am just making an observation. Almost every time I see a buff guy on TV or in a magazine, his chest is waxed. And back in reality, most masculine guys are not the type to remove body hair, even gay men (Bears!) .

  7. you poke the needles in, you take the needles out, you make some holes in yer wiener and ya squirt some blood out, ya do the squirty wiener then you pass the fook right out, that’s what it’s all about…. weeee… gato

  8. yeah,i kinda noticed the hair first then made my way down from there: safety pins in shafts,nice blood spray action from the tip…

  9. it’s every hot to stick needles and nails and to spray with blood or juice from the balls. Very exciting and brings great cumshots!

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