Argon Gas Scrotal Inflation

Eh, might as well continue in the “day of not bothering to censor stuff” trend. It’s not as if Google is ever going to let me run ads here, so why play by anyone else’s rules?

What you’re seeing in this picture is actually an argon gas scrotal inflation (normally in gaseous inflations CO2 or O2 is used, or sometimes just air, but that feels terrible when your body absorbs it for most people). Inflations like this are fascinating to watch (or do) because they’re just so fast in comparison to saline inflation — start to finish times are measured in seconds and minutes rather than hours.

PS. There are a few videos of genital gas inflations on BMEvideo.

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37 thoughts on “Argon Gas Scrotal Inflation

  1. It’s a little worrying that there’s no toxicology data for Argon out there; yeah, it’s a noble gas, but I’d like to know what its exit route from the body is.

  2. how does it hurt when u use air? does it hurt your pee pee or the rest of your body?

  3. urk! This IS cool, but what about the other 5 noble gases? Could they be used for this purpose as well? (THAT was a joke btw)

    FYI B4 you google it, the other 5 are Krypton, Radon, Neon, Xenon…and the last one…escapes me. No pun int.

    (It’s NOT “Bore-a-phyll”)

    Fuck it. lol

  4. Ha ha ha Cloraphyll!? More like Bore-a-phyll!!

    No I will not make-out with you. I’m here to learn, not to make-out with you.

  5. No. Argon is not poisonous. Argon is very stable and does not react with anything. But you’ll have a really bad day if the gas gets into the bloodstream. For this kind of games you should use a gas wich has a very high solubility like N2O ar CO2.

  6. have done saline on my naturally smooth big balls…
    I wish someone would tell us how to achieve this…
    it’s beautiful…can you use a bike pump in the slit…
    details about air inflation…pleeeez

  7. sorry guys didn’t think my first 2 messages went thru but the 3 are pretty comical…shows how turned on i am about learning the technique involved…thanks

  8. WOW. Looks great. Love seeing men balooning their scrotums to large sizes stretching the skin to the maxx. Using argon gas instead of saline, Is it lighter in weight? Saline makes a heavy sac and the weight adds to a pulling down feeling and stretching the sac down more. I think before anyone partakes in any scrotal infusion with anything they should do some studying on the subject. What works for some may not work for others!!! I was very stupid and very lucky years ago when I had a very strong desire to inflate my scrotum. I cut a slit in my scrotum skin and used a bike pump needle used for airing up baskets balls,etc and rubber tubbing and ran distilled water into it and into my scrotum. Ouch… It ran in too fast and caused such pain I was sweating awhole lot. my scrotum swelled some from the water. I paniced some and squeezed my sac trying to squeeze the water out of the cut slit. All I know after placing a bandaid over the slit I went to sleep. Never tried it again. Learned my lesson. Was very lucky I did not do any damage to my reproductive system and did not get any infections. When I get the chance I will try it the right way and use a kit for saline infusion and saline. Never try anything that you do not know much about. Study and ask lots of questions from experienced people that have done what your interested in trying.

  9. Gas feels like the worst hangover ever.
    Plus you might have lumps of gas all over underneath your skin, really :-(

  10. Some of you folk have missed everything in 6Th grade science classes.
    Argon a poison!
    Did I just poison myself on that last breath?
    Good bye cruel world!
    As I sit here I’m slowly increasing the pressure on my scrotum as I do not want any skin stretching that is akin to sun burn.
    Yep I’ve done that a few times. Very uncomfortable while pealing and skin gets very dry. You know like a sun burn!!!
    Size at this time is 23 inch circumfrence.
    My goal is 36 inches.
    I use Heilum for the gas, normal injcetable saline for liquid.
    Yes the saline is heavy and I love it.
    When I use gas I can’t go out in public for a couple of days.
    With saline about 36 hours before I absorb enough to be able to cover up.
    Last max inflation with saline was 3.5 liters.
    Very heavy, swings a lot and walking is very sensual.
    Saw a guy who really took this to a level of unbelavible.
    He infuses with saline at 9 liters.
    He has to use a towel as a sling to manage to walk.
    He walks rather badly and is just put out of commission when he does this.
    Saline is hard come by and expensive.
    One guy I know does something I can’t approve of.
    He uses a steril catherer and loads up on water/Gatoraid and when his bladder is so full he inserts the catherer.
    He this uses a 60cc syringe to pump throug a check valve allowing fluid from the bladder to the syringe until it is full then pushes the syringe home and the fluid is injected, “through another check valve” into the scrotum.
    He keeps drinking water and injecting until he has all he wants.
    I’m not sure about this as usually urine is steril but not always.
    At least in the bladder you have an exit for the problem.
    In the scrotum if there is any pathygines your in deep trouble.

  11. Sorry folk,
    I’m an Engineer in several fields.
    You might call me a professional Student.
    My degree in Chemistry tells me the idiot that says Argon is a poison is just that an Idiot.
    It’s inert!
    That’s all you need to know.
    I have used Argon many times. It’s fun, it’s fantastic!
    Always use a restriction though. If you don’t you will learn something about your body you won’t like!
    Your scrotum is an extension of your Partanium.
    If you keep injecting a gas until your scrotum is getting full but not really distended you will eventually be forcing the gas into your partanium. That’s the inner wall inside your body cavity you probably call your stomach. It is outside the guts.
    I made this error once and I wound up looking 8 months pregnant.
    I was very uncomfortable.
    Worse the gasses traveled upward.
    That’s what the gas does in a mostly liquid environment.

    As it moved upwards I had large bulges just below the diaphragm, under the rib cage on each side.
    Some hours later the pressure was in sore spots in my neck.
    Then later it was in my sinuses. I sounded like I had a bad cold for days but no pain.
    This was and is dangerous!
    Use a good tight restriction behind your scrotum around the total package. You will be able to inflate to large proportions with this configuration. Yes you can push through this also and inflate your partinum. DON’T!
    Other gasses/liquids you can use without chemical reactions with your body chemistry are:
    1. Saline
    2. Co2
    3. N2o that’s Nitros Oxide.
    4. Helium
    5. Air, I have done this many times but be sure you filter it
    through a submicron filter. Don’t want the stuff in air that
    makes you sneeze. Takes days to absorb into the blood
    6. Some strange sounding gasses but safe. Well safe as gas in
    the body cavities can be are:
    1. Propane, no not the shit you burn as fuel. That stuff has
    mercaptan added so you can smell it. Propane and Beutane is
    completely orderless if it is clean enough to use for this
    2. Beutane, same as above but a little safer.

    3. Hydrogen, really easy to make yourself and is sterile in an
    electrolysis generating system. I’ve used Hydrogen many
    times and it absorbs easily and feels good. Air causes a
    burning sensation in the partinum. Fact all gases and most
    the fluids you use for inflation will wind up in the

    The amount you will be able to inflate your scrotum to with the restriction will be really bigger than you think.
    Each time you do it you will be able to get a little larger.
    So be carefull.
    If you don’t push it to volley ball size the amount of gas you release into your partnium when removing the restriction will
    not cause any problems. Anything over about 3000 CC is dangerous!
    A COCK RING, ADJUSTABLE or tight elastic will not be enough to kill you or close to it as I did.
    Better to use sterile saline.
    It will migrate to the partinum slower and be absorbed better and stay at the bottom.
    Besides the weight of the H20 is more fun.
    My first saline was about 500 cc.
    I now can do 2500 cc comfortably.
    If I want to work on more enlargement, “I don’t” I would have to force it to about 2700 to 3000 cc.
    I love the heavy weight hanging down and swinging around.
    Actually if it were socially acceptable I’d like to go for about 2000 CC permanently. Can’t so I guess day dreaming is about all that can be done except for the few hours of pleasure that can realistically be had.
    Pump and inflate safely.
    Read, the info is out there.
    Don’t read these posts and do anything stupid because it sounds good. Look up the info that is so easily available these days.
    Learn what inert means. Argon is not poisonous it is inert.

  12. It just makes me want to run around with a pin, popping them.

    It looks almost as big as a man’s scrotum. Compensating, are we?

  13. I have been trying to locate suppliers of inflation equipment. I am in the USA, but can only find one location in the UK. Do you folks know of a supplier for saline inflation/infusion here in the US? Thanks in advance.

  14. hi …i have a question …can i inject my scrotum with mineral water??? …i think i wanna use shrink …is it possible? …if i can do that …can someone explain how to discharge this mineral water when i injected it into my scrotum? …
    my email is [email protected]

  15. I guess I am a bit behind of the times. I just heard of this and doing some research. Thanks for having the pic. FANTASTIC Looking forward to this experience, I do not like needles so I am going to have to find someone to help! Any additional info would be great.

  16. Thanks a lot to “PeterThePumper” for good information.
    Found some video on the Internet but to fill the scrotum with CO2 and air. Since I have not Saline, I had to try with air and a ball pump washed well with alcohol. Stuck the needle in the right side and blew some air in, but the left side was not filled. Put a new needle on the left side and light-filled air. This felt SO GOOD! Pumped more air on both sides and the penis was also filled up. After filled with pain threshold, I plugged both needle and walked around the house with a delicious feeling. So I felt the air come into your stomach and let out the air at once. It was a difficult process to squeeze out as much air as possible and the income I had done something very stupid now.
    Walked around in many a day with lovely swollen and sensitive scrotum and uncomfortable with the air in the stomach. Going to do this again with argon gas mix, used for welding, BUT fill only slightly so only scrotum is filled. Going to get hold of Saline and fill up as much as possible.

  17. I have done a N2O inflation about 15 times, no problems at all. Have also done Saline about 5 times. N2O is more enjoyable for me, seeing yourself baloon up so fast, and go down fast too. This makes it more practicle for me, don’t have a saline filled sack for a couple of days for the wife to see!

  18. Have tried with homemade water / salt solution with mixed results. It felt good with the weight of liquid filling, but the tissue in the scrotum turn hard and took a long time to be softened up. The fluid disappeared in short time. Using pure argon gas and it takes longer for the gas disappears from the scrotum. It feels good, but do not get the same feeling as the liquid filling. Use latex panties to feel the pressure of gas-filled scrotum, when I wander around the house and garden.
    Argon filled today and will have a replenishment of gas before I go in “hot tube”.


  20. I cut a hole in my sack and used a bike pump to inflate my balls, it worked amazingly, . But I couldn’t get the air out again, it hurt my stomach and ribs a lot, after several day I was fine and everything was ok. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Do it properly.

  21. Finally got round to trying a little scrotum inflation with C02, the setup was the difficult part. first 1 Soda Stream C02 cartridge, 1 adaptor to go from the Soda Stream Cartridge to a pressure regulator, 1 IV set & 25G needle & various tube fittings. After assembling it all I adjusted the pressure regulator so I could just hear & feel a slight blowing out of the IV hose end then put the needle in place at the center of my scrotum the I injected 5ml of saline then drew the plunger on the syringe back to check there was no blood in the pathway to be inflated. disconnected the syringe & connected the IV hose, didn’t feel or see much first no pain so slowly increased the pressure flow until I started to see some inflation. I left it to expand at this stage until there was a noticeable size increase, but I noticed the inflation was more to one side so after removing the IV hose from the needle I repositioned the needle onto the other side of my scrotum, connected the IV hose again & started to inflate this side. the expansion was great just like when I do Saline but didnt feel anything entering the scrotum & didn’t have the wonderful weighty feeling of my scrotum hanging down which I really missed. As far as the experiment goes it was great to see the quick expansion & some C02 entered the cock shaft which gave me a larger girth, be interesting to go further on the shaft, visually I looked great but like I said I miss the weight when using saline & my balls didnt slosh around. Conculsion- I’d do it again for a quick rush & see if I can go bigger, but Saline is better & lasts longer, I was back to normal size after about 30 minutes. Maybe next time I might do soda stream first to stretchthe scrotum then saling to fill the larger area. Any question feel free to ask. And check out the photo result in my album C02 inflation if it gets published by BME

  22. Would continuous inflation of the penis foreskin stretch the foreskin so it will be longer when deflated so that the foreskin can be used for docking and more generous sex fun.


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