Jack6two asked me to post the genital split he’s been working on recently (full res pictures on BME in the genital bisection galleries). Since doing the split, his erections are both wider and harder, and, according to him, he’s “looking for two tight holes” to enjoy — yes, once the split is deeper, he will be able to have DP sex.

Seriously folks, I know this isn’t for everyone, and I know that the procedural photos of these things look gory, but these are sane acts designed to increase pleasure. They are not “crazy” or “reckless” or some form of “self-abuse” (well, usually not anyway). Someone remind me — Viagara, which most people never bat an eye at even relatively young and sexually functional people using, kills how many people a year?

Oh, and have I mentioned that ModBlog is not safe for work?

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33 thoughts on “BECAUSE IT’S BETTER. THAT’S WHY.

  1. while I have no serious interest in heavy genital modification inherently (and of course not begrudging anyone their own), but the sensation of making seperate penetrations inspires even more curiousity than being able to move independant halves of my tongue or magnetic finger tips…intriguing indeed.

  2. Thanks!
    By the way, my inspiration for seperate penetration was going only for the two holes of my wife. Two pussies at the same time, this was outside of my imagination – but dreamly ( it was mention first in a comment).
    The cutting or cbt will you make only – when it’s your desire, but than you have it to do also! That i have realised in my life. And when you have sexual frust in your relationship (and i had it very often and over a long time in my marriage), the cbt or cutting is a help and very relaxing and satisfying. So i have over our 30 years always could make the first step and beginning – and the first step is always the most difficult for a reconciliation and not so easy! Today is the best, when my wife is playing with the cocks, for example one half is putting in her pussy by herself and with the other cock she is rubbling her clitty!! Wouhh, what’s a picture! and i can carressing her bossoms with my both hands. So she is going like a rocket! When she is high, she puts all cocks in her pussy with their whole length and thickness (more than before splitting!)! And i have stronger to push with my hip.
    I can say the double cocks brings much fun, only in the public (sauna, changingroom, nudist beach it’s a big problem!)

  3. I know tongue splitting is, somewhat, reversible (the tongue grow back and stuff)… So I was just wondering, is this procedure reversible to any extent?

  4. i think, yes:
    cutting in the skin at the upperside of the two shafts at lenght of the halfcocks and sewing together the both inner (scar-) sides of skin and sewing together the outer (foreskin-) sides of skin. In this way the upper side of cock would be closed. Either until the head or until the tip of glans, in each time in a few steps. In between the same procedure at the lower side or not, than remains a subincision! I think it would be a very hot and horny act!!
    I sometimes have thought about closing my upper cockside, because i don’t know how to go in sauna or nudist beach? The people will be look at my double cocks!!! I only can do it, where i’m strange and nowbody knows me!

  5. “Oh, and have I mentioned that ModBlog is not safe for work? ”

    great photo ( :

  6. and i don’t understand or can’ translate, what you mean with ‘ModBlog is not safe for work?’ ?

  7. Basically, if you’re at work and your boss walks past, do you want them to see this on your screen? I think not. Well… all depending on where you work of course…

  8. yeah it is pretty cool.

    although a note to shannon.
    you’ve used that line before but frankly “the pursuit of pleasure” is not a valid defense of anything

  9. Pursuit of pleasure is a perfectly valid defense. The right to pleasure, as long as it is not at the expense of another or oneself, is genuine in my opinion.

    Why in the world would a person not have a right to make themselves happy if it’s not harming them or anyone else to do so?

  10. at the risk of opening a big ass can of worms, can anyone other than one’s self determine if one’s pursuit of pleasure is at their own expense?

    does a meth addict’s family have any “right” to attempt to cease their self-destructive pursuit of “happiness” or, more accurately, pleasure? what about his or her friends? What about a community? a government?

    (my own personal opinion [God help me...] is that “rights” are about as absolute and real as the easter bunny. We have dignity as a product of our volitional wills, but that is always in terms of our relationality. No one has it owed to them that they should be able to split their genitals, but they can certainly choose to do so, as an act of will, and that act will have varying qualities of dignity and goodness depending on the particulars of that person’s relationships, sexual or otherwise.)

  11. A meth addict hurts or even kills themselves and those around them in the pursuit of happiness (and a fairly obviously false and external one). I don’t think that’s on any level a fair comparison to an action which brings happiness without harm or drug, harms no one, and is completely private.

  12. define harm in a way that it doesn’t include cutting your dick in half and you’d have a point
    alternatively prove that the pleasure gained is “true” and “internal”

    i mean frankly i don’t care if he did it for better sex, more power to him its a perfectly valid reason to do something. but that doesn’t make it a valid defense against claims that home surgery is dangerous or claims that its “wrong”

  13. Having grown up with two meth addicts for parents, I would have to agree that the destructive “happiness” gained by the drug is in no way relative to the joy gained by a modification.

    I always wondered where people got the ideas to do these sorts of things? Not that they disgust me, but it intrigues me to know how someone came about cutting their penis in half for more pleasure…

  14. Without disposition for cbt you can’t understand or ‘feel it past’, what the cutting brings for exciting, high-feeling, overcoming the pain, relaxing and satisfying after cut, very good for demontage of frust, and always without to anesthetize ( only the body ownes endorphines – i think by the sexual exciting). And a great piece of curiosity is in the game of modify present also!!! I think, thats in our gens and we have to live with this. The supression of our disposition can bring much more and heavier problems. I think, this modify-way is good for me and brings by the way benefits for our sex-life!
    What shall be bad with this, perhaps unusually; and for my boss should it be unimportant. It’s only my thing and this of my wife, okay! By the way – i’m my own boss!

  15. jack6two, I also thought of something along those lines. Cutting and suturing in small steps, that is. But is there any evidence that this procedure would work?
    The penis is a much more complex organ than the tongue, as far as I can tell and I’m not sure that this would work…
    And if it did, what would be the results?
    It wouldn’t return to it’s previous state, obviously. But would the hrder and wider erections remain to some extent? Could it make erections weaker? Just wondering here…

    Anyway, as for the second subject: i can’t see how a comparison between a meth addiction and splitting someone’s dick could be made… I just can’t.
    A meth addict hurts all those that surround him, one way or the other. How does a split dick hurt someone?

  16. oh my,i’m speechless…now i want a penis!

    you know,i’ve grown up around alcoholics,junkies,and other self-destructive people and i honestly don’t understand how someone modifying themselves physically is in the same league with someone systematically destroying themselves and everything around them.

    i personally have never met anyone with heavier mods,or any types of mods, who are so addicted to the experience of modification that they’d go to any and all lengths to get what they want.i don’t too many people who would gladly prostitute themselves,or their family,just for a quick buck so they can go down to the nearest shop and get their glans split or taken off;on the other hand,i have met many a junkie who will go down on you just so they can get a hit.i know alcoholics who will bash your head in before they’ll allow you to take away their ability to get that drink that they so deperately need/want.or spending their whole paycheck not on food for their family put on some synthetic pleasure…

    i understand how one could compare drug/alcohol addiction to body modification because it can be addicting,but as far as destructiveness goes,i’m at a loss.most mods-if you expect them to look decent and heal right- take time and precision…i can go down my street and get crack,morphine,acid,or whatever with $10 and my lovely sex organs with no thought or time put into the fact that i might get arrested,raped,or killed;or that my family might get the same thing.

    now,i have several modifications and while all those things listed above can rightly happen,the fact that i took time and did research on the places and people greatly lessen the likelihood of something happening to me and those i love.

  17. Hy peoples! excuse me, if i don’t understand all your thoughts well, because i’m a german and my english is bad, and your american slang is else more difficult for me! But i like to philosofy with you!
    In each time is the cbt in all kinds a predisposition (sado masochisme!) and because of this we became a addiction – i think – either we want or we don’t want! Differently the meth addiction: this depends from the life-circumstances (by disposition with a low intention) of somebody. But the meth addiction will mostly destroy the person and someone arround him.
    But who should be destroyed by my modifying? It helps me and my wife/family to overcome many problematic moment, because it was a wayout for my stress, desire – a relaxation – i am convinced! You are right: sometimes my wife was afraid and had cryed – but the effects aren’t so bad, also for she! And the other arround me don’t see it. I only will go naked at a strange nudist beach where nobody knows me. And a strange one should don’t matter it, either i have one or two cocks! (I will hope that i’m so brave! – i’m never tryed it.)
    And if i will don’t like it more somedays, than i sew the halfcocks together – it will be a fun and lust (perhaps it’s doing by my wife!!! wouhhh!!!)

    Because of this i am carefully with all cuttings off: that’s finally! But the splitting is not so difficult and more harmless than it looks! The cutting goes through between the two swell-bodys, they remains untouched, because of this there is no problem with errection, you can see the picture (errection depends from age, your mind, situation, fitness, sleeping your partner and his help, a s o.!). On the contrary: the thickness of the cock will be greater than before doubling!!! (Good for the partner/in and my self-image like a man)! and you have more sensitive skin by th great cutted new surface – that’s also good for exciting and erection!
    Only the small swell-body arround the uretra will be cutted in two halfs, yes, but after healing he is also filled with blood and stiff – like the two great swellers – no problem!
    Where something is ‘destroyed’ – i ask you? Modifyed – yes.
    i wait for your answer, my dears!

  18. Hy boys!
    still another argument for discussion:
    many years ago i had to sterilisyed myself after our forth child.In the eastern germany it was not allowed for the doctors, to do this with a man. So i readed in a scintific library about vasectomy and realised, that the semen cord is the thickest seperate ‘pipeline’ in the ballsac. They are easy to tast, locate and seperate! Speaked as done: locating, cutting the skin, pulled out a piece of cords and cutting off, sewing the skin; milking the cock and realising: the semen is coulered red the cutted cord was the right!
    After this i readed, that the cords could be heal together without teied up! So i made a second operation on an other point near the eggs, pulled out ca. four cm of cords and cutted them off. No problems! Until today with the good effect,that we need no kind of contraception! And i liked it to do with lust and exciting!
    And i think this was a easy doing, but the MOST HEAVY modify, i ever have done to myself! – just unvisible for other! but i never can make a child! So visited – is the cocksplitting an easier modifying.
    Makes only the visibility a modify heavy or to a bad addiction?
    How your thinks about this fact?
    I wait for you!

  19. I really like how this split does look like two penises! I don’t know if it was just when the pictures were taken, but the other ones posted on Modblog looked rather limp and a bit impared? Either way I bet they are interesting to play with :D

  20. The pics are the same. With a better camera i will make better pics.
    You are beting right – they are good for all plays! At time i ‘m creating little grooves by cutting inside of the glanses from the upper to the lower side. A orderly glans has to have a good border and groove! (Especially for the exciting of the pussy!)


    Cutting deeper for longer cocks or ?

    Implant more pebble-stones for better friction ?

    many thanks for you!

  22. The conversation seems to be over, but I would argue that one has the right to become a drug addict, as long as he has no dependents, is willing to cut ties from those peers he’d hurt, and accepts death as an/the eventual outcome. Then again, I also believe that people have the right to choose suicide, at least in certain cases.

  23. Hy jets!
    That’s gotten from fare away.
    I think modifying is a kind of funny, creativ live. You makes your body more near to your destination, coloured, dcorated.
    That has nothing to do with the death – he is far away from modify!

  24. Hy boys and girls!
    Nobody more for discussion in the round???
    Dit you leave your speech?

  25. Because: safe for work!
    A few weeks ago i was the first time at the nude beach at the sea!!! But in a quite corner with less people, but i was!!!
    However i have lain at the belly mostly, rare on the back.
    But it was gone.

  26. I just split the underside of the head of my penis & I can totally see why guys would want a bisection! Firstly I can’t stop playing with the split I did,feels amaising! I would have to guess a full bisection would feel a ton better then the little bit I did split ! Plus…There’s that whole being almost like two penises &…The added bonus! once you do get to a full bi section, you have that nice hole between the two halfs of the penis, that can be played with! There’s no doubting or questioning doing a bisection or me! After the small split I did,I don’t know why any guy would not want to do it! It seriously feels that good!

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