Getting a jump start on life

I’m going to write more about this later, but can I just say how angry it makes me that we censor people’s right to sexual expression? As sexual beings (our primary biological function is reproduction), the most pure form of expression we have is sexuality. If you want to really understand humans, you have to understand the way they express themselves sexually, and when that expression happens in exceptional ways, it is worth encouraging like all exceptional behavior, rather than working to stifle it.

And watching the way a culture’s sexuality evolves will tell you more about them as a people than most other factors that we take seriously in my opinion.

22 thoughts on “Getting a jump start on life

  1. Here, in Argentina it was used as a method to torture people by the police in the 70′s and i only can related with militar repression, very away of any evolutionated freedom…

  2. Thanks for explaining that Malicia. It makes sense you wouldn’t like it if that’s what’s in your mind…

  3. wait… my primary biological function is reproduction??!! guess I’d better stop having sex with girls…

  4. carolyn – Wash your mouth out right now!! You have sex with all the girls you want to…

  5. I comletely agree, even at my website they censor the dumbest thing. I believe sexual exression is the Ultiment form of expression. Until we regain that, then we will never have true freedom.

  6. Freedom of sexual expression is good. It took me a while to figure out my problem. What scares me is that there’s an aspect of sexuality as it relates to our “primary biological function to reproduceâ€? that implies women are “disposable.” That they lose value as they get older because they lose the ability to bear healthy children. That sounds harsh but what I mean is that I’m scared of getting older. I’m scared of becoming disposable. That’s what bothers me, not the young, pretty, thin, fit girls with good metabolism as I might have implied in a previous post. (Sorry again)

    I’ve been forgetting how much I value freedom of sexual expression and value tolerance, open-mindedness, and understanding. A “normal” person recently scolded me for being a sick, disgusting, perverted freak. I forgot that even something as simple as a piercing in a private place is so shocking, so offensive to certain people who can’t accept anything that falls outside of their own puritanical moral code. I don’t feel any mods done on consenting adults are immoral. What’s the sense in making someone feel ashamed for anything they are into, especially if it’s of no detriment to anyone, no personal consequence to the person judging. I should have realized it sooner, but I like my freedom of sexual expression so I defend everyone else’s freedom too.

  7. Glen, in some ways I agree, but you could make the same value statement regarding infertile men, older men who can’t provide in the same way, etc… I don’t think the “biological imperative” means that we lose value if we don’t reproduce — I interpret it more as being the foundation that we’re built on…

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  9. It’s vey hard to support, I’had experienced that, so how what was for You ? Thanks to the lovely miss fot that nice pic.

  10. i wish i could have sex with girls,but i’m an ugly nerd that nobody wants

  11. Well, I dunno. I mean, is having to click the image to uncensor it not such a small sacrifice to make? I don’t feel like I’m losing out in this situation- it’s still there, and is accessible with minimum effort.

    Let them whine, shout and cry. This way, our asses are covered if they start to threaten instead.

    Oh, and awesome pics… health and safety are over-rated, anyway.

  12. Hey doll, its Marcus, that bloke you knew.
    Still looking great, hope you feel like it too!

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