29 thoughts on “32 CBRs

  1. Is it the camera angle or does she have really wide shoulders for a girl, especially for a very thin girl?

  2. I was going to say the same thing…her shoulders are very wide and her backsideand legs are extremely small.

  3. Her top half looks almost like a man. It’s like the top and bottom aren’t supposed to be a part of the same body.

  4. I’m pretty sure it’s the angled viewpoint of the camera. She does look really contoured at the waist though, maybe corsetting?

  5. Probably just the angle, as the CBRs at the top appear larger than the CBRs at the bottom too, and I asume they are all the same size.

  6. Feel it, funk it, amps it are junking…

    Sorry…on a bit of a ninety-two kick :/

    I think it looks great, nice skinny body but the shoulders are accentuated by the camera angle.


  7. ‘Thin and light-boned’ or ‘weird and disproportionate’? I’d like to see more photos of her before I make my mind up.

  8. wow, i’m surprised that i can’t see her ribs, she’s so thin. I was also wondering, looking at the photo, about how long those CRBs right above her elbows will last because of all the movement.

  9. They won’t last, and neither will any of the others. Don’t people know by now that CBRs don’t make good surface piercing jewelry? These are almost definately temporary piercings all around, done either for the pleasure of getting them or for the photo shoot.

  10. My first thought was she migth be a swimmer.. like a few other’s suggested. But the more i look at it the more i’m thinking that it has to be the camera angle.. cus its not just a LITTLE disproportionate..

    I don’t wanna put the whole math calculation out .. but if you measure (yes, i put a ruler to the screen) her soulders, waist, hip and buttocks flat accross.. and then compare it to a normal ratio.. whoa, she”d be topplin’ over! must be camera!

  11. Sadly, no, Politics. Not everyone has a normal ratio. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s pretty much a straight-on shot, which means that she is in fact just a girl with really broad shoulders (see:swimmer/gymnast entries).

    Still weird and disproportionate, in that photo anyway.

  12. i think it’s just because she’s holding her shoulders back and upright that it looks a bit odd, because of how her shoulder blades are prominant and obviously she’s just been pierced 32 times, she’s gonna be tense.

  13. Who cares about shoulders!? Its a hot Asian chick with a bunch of play piercings on her back. It’s a Hot pic! Of course they’re all temp. piercings. Duh! Look at the piercings(or at least her ass), not the shoulders.

  14. I just wish somebody had straightened out her panties for her before taking the shot… poor disheveled things.

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