14 thoughts on “At the beach

  1. oh on her IAM-Page she looks fucking beautyfull, but sorry on that picture she reminds me on the frontsinger from the german “boygroup” – Tokyo Hotel – and sorry i hate this group and also the frontsinger

  2. Tokio hotel
    I like the song Shrei, though all I hear is bad things about them….
    I think the lead singer looks like a hot chick.

    And this chick is definitely hot. haha.

  3. wow #1 typed out my reaction, her picture makes me wanna pay to be a member, and I didn’t notice the eyebrows till I read #4′s comment, and I think thats one of my peeves I can’t stand eyebrow-lessness/ fake eyebrows, I could totally overlook it in her case tho.

  4. She totally reminds me of Vanessa from SuicideGirls….
    And boy will I feel silly if it *is* Vanessa. 😛

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