The nails are INTENSE!

I like this play piercing corsetry, fish hooking, and full-on-nailing photo from MetallicAthlete.

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17 thoughts on “The nails are INTENSE!

  1. for some reason the nails look absolutely hot to me, but the hooks kinda freak me out… maybe it’s my phobia of dead fish?

  2. wow, it took me coming back to the picture three times over several hours for me to actually SEE the hooks. I must have been blinded by the nails.

  3. i seen the hooks first…didn’t see the nails till i read what was above the picture

  4. ew thats fucking gross like come on who is gonna wanna fuck that when they see yu got nail and hooks in yu like come one plus hitin that from that ack would probly hurt you cuz the nails would be diggin in yur legs just gross

  5. that does look pretty sexy, I like my woman bald but the bowtie almost makes up for it :)

  6. P.s. mellie, thanks for your literate response, it is a very educated and productive criticism.

    P.p.s. I’m lying, you’re a douche.

  7. it’s pretty cool (: but doesn’t it hurt? and how long would they stay there!

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