22 thoughts on ““I think I overdid it?”

  1. I don’t even have male genitalia and MY junk hurt from seeing that. Somebody hug him… he has to be in pain.

  2. Kitchee- it looks like it’s just… uh, er, charred. Which is VERY BAD. He needs to go to a doctor.

    hxcteri- Lol, I think a hug or in any way smushing his junk against someone is the LAST thing he needs.

  3. ouch…wow that looks like it hurt amazingly

    not to sounds like i don’t know what i’m talking about usually (which i don’t), but what exactly did he do?

  4. Is it weird that this didn’t really affect me in anyways? I am curious to know how he actually chared it so bad thou…

  5. I thought you were not supposed to cook a body part if it’s still attached to the body… hehe

  6. WTF. His penis will surely never heal again…hope he did use it at least once…now he is fucked. To the scond thing…looks almost like an advanced gangrene to me…one can actually die from that

  7. People are sooo critical – – this looks really intense to me. As long as everything healed – – what is your next plan? Do you want ideas? Also, if you can give me the name of your surgeon, I’d like to have the same “split” done at some point.

  8. Not to impressed. He needs to cook it a little longer, stab it with a fork and swollow. Then I will applaude.

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