Reminds me of Le Petomane

This entry is continuing in the trend of smoking using the wrong orifice… You may not be the kind of person that enjoys spending a minute staring at a dude’s smoking anus (literally), but I assure you, even if you are not, you may find this video mesmerizing. Adults only of course. This is from the Russian Le Pétomane I think (it’s not an unheard of skill)…

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19 thoughts on “Reminds me of Le Petomane

  1. is it horrible that i was more fascinated with his anus-what a pretty thing- than with the smoking coming out of it?

  2. Im amazed by the volune of all the smoke comming out of there..
    my guess is that someone helped him pump that smoke by some homemade pump into his bowel(thanks dictionary), then he just did what he’d normally do to deficate(dictionary again.. dont know if its better than to say poop or something) 🙂

  3. one more thing..
    do you think its time tostart a new research about anus smoking? will they find that it will increase the chanses for anal cancer? 🙂

  4. it’s almost too goatse to be watchable…or perhaps that’s what makes it compelling…or perhaps i’ve just been on the net too long that I remember goatse…

  5. since taking meds anally makes it work faster, would the same effect take place for nicotine? Or marijuana? I assume it would…but i’m just curious.

  6. I remember goatse. And tubgirl. AND lemonparty. And I can;t even legally drink yet…my parents always weondered why I was the way I was…

  7. my god………………………. but how???

    i remember watching once this video where a chick was smoking from her vagina and this is just right up there among the same lines of mesmorizing

  8. We recently made a short film on the life of Joesph Pujol, known as Le petomane, who was the highest paid entertainer at the Moulin Rouge at the turn of the last century. His skill was the ability, like the man pictured, to “inhale” through his anus. He would use this talent for many things, one of which was placing hose in his butt, “inhaling” a drag from a cigarette and blowing it out as smoke rings. the trick is depicted in the film.

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