A collection of female pubic tattoos

The “monsterworm” on the left is by Jethro Bijlaart at Mounty Zoo Tattoo in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. The other two (the lock and the pubic Taz) are the work of Al Farber at Acid Works Tattoos in Mount Morris, MI.

I’m not so sure that I find the specifics of any of them a big turn on for me personally (I’m 99% sure I’ve never jerked off to either Tremors or Taz cartoons), but I assume they are for the wearers and/or their partners. People (men and women both) get some funny things tattooed on and around their genitals (check out the galleries in BME/extreme if you’d like more).

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22 thoughts on “A collection of female pubic tattoos

  1. is that a vert. hood on the last girl? i can’t tell.

    either way, it’s pretty. all of them are. i’m a big fan of vagina.

  2. You’re not seeing anyone’s vagina. You’re seeing their vulvas. The vagina is an internal canal, leading to the vaginal opening, which you can see externally as part of the vulva. Sorry, it’s just an anatomical pet peeve of mine, using “vagina” interchangeably with “vulva.”

  3. Is there any chance the last one isn’t a natural female, as it doesn’t REALLY look like a ‘vagina’ to me…but maybe I’m wrong..all vag’s are different..? Not that it matters, I’m just interested..

    Also, the tattoos are crazy….tazzy devil?? hahah random! but funny.

  4. Penny, I’ve seen thousands upon thousands of vaginas (and I have no problem using the word in its common rather than technical usage) close up, and I assure you that the one on the right is very normal looking. There is a fair degree of variance in female genitals (far more so than in male genitals it seems to me).

  5. ok, the one on the right, her tattoo….well. i like the chain, but it looks to me like the lock and the key were drawn very poorly. i think my 2 year old niece could draw a better lock and key than that!

  6. Stop picking on the way her vulva looks! Don’t women have enough things to worry about lookswise without worrying about that too?

    And C, I’m with you on the vulva/vagina thing as well. Vulva dammit!

  7. I agree the lock and key look badly drawn. As for the last vulva, it looks pretty much exactly like mine, and I assure you I was born female. I actually thought it was the only one that looked, “normal”. To me, the middle one just looks bizarre. The labia look as though they should meet in a more pronounced way.

    I guess that’s how it works though – whatever you’re used to is what you see as being “normal”.

  8. There is honestly nothing abnormal about the third person’s anatomy. It’s VERY normal looking. I’m actually kind of surprised that people reading this are so unfamiliar with female genitals.

  9. Vulva or vagina – it doesn’ matter! In each time wonderful decorated snails for kiss and licking!!!!

  10. why are there sooo few nice or well done or pretty pubic tattoos???…honestly…i see so many that are evil cats or demons swallowing up whatever is placed near the “vulva”!!…i know for my pubic piece i would go for something a little more appealing to those approaching the area….makes me mad to see perfectl nice pussy go to waste at the hand of poorly chosen tats…

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  12. i’m pretty sure “map of tassie” is an australian euphamism for a female pubic mound. maybe that explains the tasmanian devil tattoo?

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