17 thoughts on “Kaa’s Eyes Redux

  1. I love how the freckles on her cheeks are spreadeagle perfect across her upper cheeks and nose. It looks almost like dirt, deep dirt.. the kind that auto mechanics have sometimes… but it looks so clean and icy at the same time. Wonderful effect!

  2. *lightbulb*

    Since i can’t stop starring at that picture, its so beaufitul…

    .. she reminds me of Demi Moore.. probly fomr her days when she was that close to bald.. but its more her jaw and intense eyes.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments guys! The tibetan writing on my arm was drawn up for me by a tibetan monk who is quite well known for doing tibetan calligraphy. He does most of the designs for Into You (Alex Binnie’s studio). Its basically a tibetan mantra for protection and good health! All my Tattoo’s were done by my boyfriend Andro who works at London Piercing Studio in SOHO london!

  4. Am I right in saying that this is the same girl who posed for Lloyds TSB in the UK for their student account?

    Overall, a beautiful photo of a beautiful woman.

  5. Stewart- I’m pretty sure you are right! It makes me smile when I see the big pictures of her on the front of the bank in my dull and straight-laced town :]

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