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  1. The risk to the piercer is fairly low regardless of fluid bonding status, however, gloves are always a good idea from a sanitation standpoint for the fresh piercing.

  2. hey shannon, i’ve seen pictures of, well, lobotomies from the 50′s and 60′s that they didn’t have gloves on. From a surgical standpoint, I believe it was about then that gloves were mandated.

  3. Lister… we think… protecting his nurse’s delicate hands!
    I’ll admit that my “fluid partner” has pierced me gloveless…

  4. I’m the one laying down there. Thanks for the support guys… and yes, we ARE fluid partners. That’s the only reason my beautiful piercer-in-training wasn’t wearing gloves 😉

  5. Shannon, gloves became standard practice in surgery right around the turn of the last century. Lister among others found that it reduced the risk of post operative infection. The historical glove was rubber sterilized with carbonic acid. Surgeries of the period even misted the operating theater with carbonic acid which wreaked havoc on the lungs of all involved.

    Ah, the days of dripping ether for anesthesia…

  6. Pah, I can remember having a dentist fiddle in my mouth many times sans gloves. In fact, when he started wearing them I complained. They totally taste gross. When, exactly, did dentists start wearing them? My guess is the early 80′s. At least in good ol’ Canadia.

  7. I think that if precausions are taken, and both know the risk it is really their choice. Im glad to see that they made this a “personal” experience.

  8. Hmm… didnt lister have a big movement about handwashing? I dont think Ive seen anything on gloves… but then again… I didnt read too much in depth either

  9. How does that feel while it’s healing? Is it itchy, uncomfortable? I’m just curious, but I think it looks great.

  10. It’s quite beautiful…
    without gloves it’s more intimate… i’ve done the same about a week ago, so i know :love:

  11. I think that photo’s from ‘Florence Nightingale’ – the student years Exhibition isn’t it? : )

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