Yes, he fits the whole thing

I’ll post my regular photo-based entries later today still I think, but I had to share this very impressive sounding (as in urethral stuffing) clip… I’ve seen some pretty intense sounding videos (even people who’ve stretched their urethras enough to do docking, where another penis or a vibrator of full size can be inserted inside their penis — thereby creating an entirely new sexual experience), but the swallowing-sword clips that Roughrider sends for BMEvideo are definitely some of the deepest.

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76 thoughts on “Yes, he fits the whole thing

  1. I’ve been looking for ways of stretching my urethra, as I find things like this really interesting. Can anyone point to a source of tapered sounds that won’t break the pocketbook too heavily? Or have any other suggestions?

  2. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww.

    the only music that could have possibly been better would have been clown car music.

  3. very cool that this was posted today considering i was discussing crazy sounding with a friend this afternoon.

  4. That is just crazy, like just…. lost for words. Whatever turns you on ya know ;) I too am interested about the nasty lil curvuture on it.

  5. I know better by now than to click that. I already know exactly what I’m going to see. Eh, maybe I’ll watch it anyways…. later.

  6. For some reason, that really turned me on.

    I think the curve is possible due to the placement of the bladder in relation to the shaft of the penis (though since I have girl parts and am not an anatomy expert, I could be completely wrong).

  7. wow. you learn something new everyday. I had no idea that was possible! but I guess that’s just another thing that makes the human body so amazing.

  8. Posting name typo. That’s embarassing. Damn different computers and having to re enter stuff.

  9. i 200% understand that sounding feels good.
    i have an apadravya- theres a lil sounding action there.
    For some reason sounding is one of the only things that makes my stumach feel weird.
    I don’t know why.. but i watch every sounding video shannon posts.
    And everytime i get a quesy (spelling?) stumach and a “hurting” face on before it even starts.

  10. As the urethral tube passes though the cavernosa callosum, it drifts upwards through the prostate and into the bladder. The bend is fairly necessary to accomodate the natural curvature that most men have. They can be inserted, but its tricky. If you watch the way he removes it, he actually rotates it to one side as it gets near the end. It takes practice, and I can’t do it when I’m erect-though this guy seems to have some chub there and manages to pull it out that way anyway.
    And just because I sound, I have to say, Holy Cow!

  11. So the curve actually allows the sound to go ner his bladdeR! crazy mo fo, gotta give the guy some respect though, as people have been :)
    i think id pass out or cry like a baby if i tried sounding.

  12. OOh eer that had to hurt? Sorry thats not a hugely interesting comment but thats what came into my head!

  13. I’m on the outside of all this, but it’s interesting.
    For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would want to do it.
    But hey, it’s curious and makes life more interesting.

  14. I’d like to know what that feels like? Is it arousing? I mean, it was arousing to watch it :) But what the HELL can that feel like? And it doesn’t screw up your tubes ( Urethra????) damn.
    Can you come w/ that in there that the point?
    More info?

  15. Amazing!!

    But I am more interested in “another penis or a vibrator of full size can be inserted inside their penis”. Where can I find this kind of video clips?

  16. I think, it can be pretty hell – watch the firtst part of video – I think, when is the end after the curve into bladder…

  17. That’s impressive. Where can I get a sound like that, or is it custom made? I’ve sounded or actually stuffed my boyfriend with those thick handled tooth brushes (handle in, of course) and its amazing how flexible the urethral opening can be. Would love to see more of those vids

  18. Whoooooooo. That is so erotic. I love sounding and know a good deal about the anatomy of the urinary tract. But that is totally awsome and erotic. Makes me want me go and get my hegars out. LOL I want one of those.

  19. dang. I just have to quit watching this. Has to hurt, but it it is still and will continue to be highly erotic

  20. what a turn on!!
    I wished it was the insertion process. The more I see it,
    the more I get hard!!!!! HOOOOOOT!!!

  21. Nice. Sounding is….different. I havent been able to go beyond the base, but i know it takes practice and ALOT of researching. The urethra is extremely delicate and too much play or not enough lubrication and you could end up in the hospital.

    Try explaining that to an ER nurse…

    Like i said, ive never gone down that deep, but i find that sounding just the shaft is fun. My advice to those interested;
    1) Research.
    2) Use the proper tools.
    3) Know your limits.

  22. I’m always looking for videos to supplement my own sounding experience! This one tops them all!

  23. You all did notice that his urethra had split at some point in history and had been sewn back together right? That can’t have been a happy day. I’ve used a small diameter sound and it was surprisingly very pleasurable – you just need the right lube and to ensure all is sterile and clean before insertion. No need for unnecessary bladder infections.

  24. Fab,I can put a 10mm heavy alan key down my penis easily,no problems,feels lovely,working on something bigger!!And my penis is small so,if I can do it anyone can.

  25. It was great
    It takes a lot of practice to expand your urethra so much
    I myself is a sounder(home) & do sounding without my parents’ knowledge
    I can insert a complete paintbrush(size 6) into my urethra(i dont have any larger object) and it pains only 1st time. A habit is formed afterwards. And I’m only 13 yrs old

  26. I myself is a sounder(home) & do sounding without my parents’ knowledge
    I can insert a complete paintbrush(size 6) into my urethra(i dont have any larger object) and it pains only 1st time. A habit is formed afterwards. And I’m only 13 yrs old

  27. ok, many say it hurtsand why the hell etc etc.

    Now, I do know that those sounds are van buren sounds, easily bought via ebay. And cheap as well!.

    So how does it feel? yes the first trials may hurt a bit but that’s mostly afterwards. And yes that goes away.
    If you are already interested in the curved sounds… what happens is that the curved part travels trough the prostate into the bladden and I can assure you that it gives you a very ver incredibly nice feeling…. feels like you’re going to orgasm all the time…… It’s esp. the prostate part that causes this feeling.

    It’s the same as fisting. Also massage at that point and intense orgasms. Very VERY intense.

    And also, fisting is something that’s a training and when done, you won’t end up with it either…. it’s just as this sounding fantasic orgasmic.

  28. I love getting the sound to my prostrate and working the sound back anuld forth til I can’t hold back. Pull it out quick and let the cum fly.

  29. Few know the fully open feeling of taking in a 5/8″ foot-or-longer stainless sounding. Probing my inner cock depths for film became a great exhibitionist high!! For several years The Sperminator was pumping ejaculations with an intensity I was truly into – eating my emissions several times a day.

  30. Good God man , not that I’m bragging but my cock is nearly 10 inches with a naturally decent sized urethra , and I can bearly take it when my girl puts the tip of her tongue in there .But because of this video we have started sounding I am up to the 3/8 of an inch sound but can only go about 4 inches in and that’s with 10mg of valium and my sounds are gently curved . Perhaps I have difficulty because I get a raging hardon the second my girl puts her hand on it.

  31. I have stretched my urethra to the point of wanting a small dick man to fuck me so hard & cum on his dick & him shooting his wad in my bladder, as I think it would be so hot, as I have a secret, I would love to get my jollies off feeling a dick inside of me

  32. Hi, I do it with my wands. The curve is so that the wand reaches the prostate. I streach my urethra every so often…I hope to have someone do it to me so that I can sit back and enjoy. Nestor

  33. that is freaking hot, I love it, all tho I take a 3/4 inch thick metal electrode all the way to my bladder, hooking my tens unit up & inserting the other metal electrode behind it in my urethra & turning it all the way up, WOW what a nice feeling, I have since had to hook up 2 transformers to give me enough power to keep it running at full power for at least 2 hrs. finally shooting so hard I blow them right out of my urethra, I just wish I had a dick in there, fuck me so hard & let me shoot on another dick inside of me & to feel a big load explode into my bladder, but I must admit I would need a smaller dick man for now, as I am not that stretched out just yet to take a monster cock.

  34. Don’t try this at home! The contraption he wears hides his real junk and the rod goes through a dummy cock and out the back, Do you really think this could possibly be real?

  35. Hi there, I am into souding for so time: I use te Van Buren set that has a curved end ad is 11 inches long.. Yes it reaches the prostate. I have 8 sounds starting size 18 and increase in thickness up to 32. Afeter I use them and take out the last one I masturbate and it feels wonderful.

  36. I do believe he takes the whole thing as he stuffs it up his bladder, as it has to curve to go into the body, I stuff a 3/4 thick rod up my urethra & stuff 5 inches of it into my bladder, it is amazing how good it feels, as you would have guessed I have a large urethra, yes when I pee it rushes out like a river.
    BTW I am looking for a smaller dick to fuck me sometime but I cannot find anyone, as he would love the feel of my mangina on his dick.

  37. I only have a 5 inch dick when erect and I have been putting an 8.5mm diameter plastic tube through the urethra, into the bladder and continuing to push it in gently until 1.1metres is inside. It curls up inside and when you push your hand on the outside of your bladder you can feel the plastic tube inside. I can only do this when I have some urine in the bladder to expand it and allow the tube to curl around in a circle. Have you done something like this?

  38. , it is progressing. I always start at 17 mm to stretch the meatus, and increase to 18 mm. Since I am now on stretching to reach 19 mm. At the prostate I pass with 11.5 mm. It is a nice feeling to push the Hegar Dilator 19cm into the prostate. After half an hour, I slide a 12 mm dilator in. Then I have the dilator inserted for 1-2 hours. After that I always know how to masturbate and ejaculate. I always increase in 0.5 mm increments. A size jump lasts about 2-3 months with two to three exercise sessions per week. I started with 6 mm diameter.

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