"One of Huntington Beach’s Finest"

Tommy T from Huntington Beach, CA sends in this picture of some nipple piercings he did with 14ga 3/8″ gemstone barbells in order to illustrate why I can not be a professional body piercer — all together too many dirty thoughts in my head to be around half naked people all day…

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41 thoughts on “"One of Huntington Beach’s Finest"

  1. its the dirty/naughty thoughts that make me awkward and uncomfortable around my half naked clients. i wish i were more of a scumbag. :)

  2. I wondered that myself, I didn’t think that pants got in the way when doing a nipple piercing, I could definetly be wrong though… I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation.

  3. Yes she has nice breasts. I also wondered about the lack of pants. Also, those barbells look much too short to me. They barely fit erect freshly pierced nipples. No way they’re going to fit with swelling or when the nipples are in their flat state.

  4. Maybe she didn’t have enough for a tip.

    If body piercers don’t have dirty thoughts about that, I guess I don’t want to be one!

  5. I worked at Victoria’s Secret for awhile and folding that style of thong was very annoying. But, they are still cute. I have that exact pair. Piercings are cool too.

  6. LOL…
    do you not remember Shannon saying something along the lines of

    If your female and naked you have a better chance of being posted.

    Its a picture.

    And I love it.

    MMM nipple piercings:)

  7. I have that underwear too, not only in pink, but in black and white too. And the large majority of my friends that are girls also have that underwear . . .

    And as for the lack of pants, maybe she took this picture herself, at her house, and brought it back to the piercer to include in his portfolio. The wall behind her is white and tiled so it seems probable that she’s in a bathroom?

  8. Ok guys it’s like this. You would have to live in Huntington Beach to understand fully. I ask the girl if I can take a picture of her and the next thing I know is she’s wipping her clothes off. Oh well I just had to go with it……..

  9. Not only is Tommy T’s the best place in town to get pierced, he sure can take one hell of a picture. Beautiful buddy. I like your style.

  10. ok ok Tommy T isn’t all that great guys…. ok well maybe he is and he does an awesome job at his work….
    Love Ya Tommy….

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