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  1. I’m just going to take this opportunity to publicly declare my love for Brann Dailor. Brann, you’re kind of a dickhead in The Workhorse Chronicles, but that’s ok, you’re still the best goddamned drummer on Earth, and you look pretty good doin’ it, too.

  2. agreed lori. watching that dude play drums is quite the experience. no wonder hes fucking ripped.

  3. Oh god how I love Mastodon.
    I have no idea what the little girl had to do with anything. If I remember correctly, that’s the singer’s daughter. I think they should have shown more of the suspensions though.. maybe they could have added somewhat of a storyline to it.

  4. Hehe that (the video gacksy posted) was the first suspenion I saw in person.

    Anyways, I just woke up and that Mastodon video made me a bit more awake 😀 Mastodon are awesome, I may go buy the new album today (hopefully they haven’t gone all major-label-dumbed-down!).

  5. leviathan is the best heavy albums of recent years & if you buy the latest album that video is on the ceedee.

    & as a point of trivia, Brann Dailor whom the above are swooning over has John Travolta tattooed on his leg and HEY CHA CHA in big bold black letters across his stomach.

  6. A part of me is really happy to see suspension coming into the main(ish)stream like this but another selfish part of me wants to keep it all underground and special like it always has been. Still, awesome band and an awesome video!
    And I was lucky enough to see that Society One performance in the flesh with some other IAM’ers. It certainly beat the normal festival morning routine!

  7. Two of my favourite things in the world: Mastodon and Body Mod stuff! Does life get any better? I think not! :D!

    Although to be honest the video is crap. There is absolutely no reason why those suspensions are in it… Still I love Mastodon and suspensions – so I suppose it ain’t that bad!


  8. although i will say i really don’t like the music i thought it was really cool that they incorporated suspension into their music video…who knows maybe it will become the new “fad” for the “dark and sinister” bands and their music videos…

  9. the suspension shots could have been better, in my opinion. to the casual observer who doesn’t know what suspension is, those could look very fake. it would have been more impressive to have more full-body shots clearly showing that the feet aren’t touching anything and that the hooks are bearing weight. the “spinning” suspension shot was good…

  10. Mastadon? I could carve a better band out of a banana(thank you Kurt V).Really, the suspensions have zilch to do with this song which makes them just as reliant on the spectacle factor, and I have to be honest, the song blows-and the video seems meaningless. I can tell a lot of people love this band from the comments posted. I am not one of them. I’ve heard better, crunchier AND catchier riffs from songs nearly identical to this song-about …what… 14 years ago on Psalm 69? or nearly any other ministry album after twitch? And the over-ernest grimacing while singing seems ridiulous instead of scary or menacing. everytime they sang I started laughing. By the time the suspensions actually come on screen, it seems like an afterthought.

  11. I’d like to see you carve a better band out of a banana. You’d run out of banana pretty quick.

    I’m not much a metal guy, the only reason I ever listened to Mastadon in the first place is because they wrote a concept album based on Moby Dick, which is basically the greatest American literary work ever written. That automatically makes them cool. Whether you like the music or not, they’re just a good band.

  12. I have to agree with starsping actually(music wise). They do sound like alot of other bands. I dont even remember the names of the two albums by them I own because they sound like at least 5 other bands that I never listen to anymore. Culture wise… I dont see how the suspensions have anything to do with the video. It was cool to watch and I can appreciate the entertainment but thats about it.

  13. The suspensions have nothing to do with the song?

    There are thousands of other music videos where the content has nothing to do with the lyrics, what’s your point?

  14. Starspring is right, the suspensions have absolutely nothing to do with the song or video concept. There was a reason the little girl was there, don’t ask me, I don’t remember because I didn’t care enough to pay attention because I don’t like Mastodon -_-;. We were hired because the director saw a performance we did and liked it, that’s about it hah.

  15. Re: #26

    Joe, you’ve got me there. It might take two or three more bananas to get all of them.

    Seriously, I don’t mind if anybody likes what they like. If you like this band, awesome. You have every right to enjoy their music(and believe me, I have enough bands I love that everyone I know hates, so this isn’t a question of taste) but that doesn’t mean I need to like this band, whether they incorporate suspensions in their video or not. And just because someone bases a concept album around an american literary classic does not automatically equal cool in my book. the music has to be good too, wether its a jumble of off-cuts or a highly structured rock opera.

    And I would agree that the content doesn’t need to be relative to the concept of the video itself, but it should be presented stongly and ‘fit’ at least in some way with the flow of the video-and I still don’t think is happening here. I can’t believe I just spent that much time typing about a video by a band I don’t listen to…..sigh.

    I like the suspensions by the way-I think they are actually better filmed than the band sequences in most cases.

  16. hmm.

    wonder if we can get any more plugs for th that matt zane guy’s video on here…

    mastadon rocks my socks off, them back on again.

  17. I don’t see how you, Starspring can compare Mastodon to Ministry, it’s just like saying:

    “Britney Spears gets dirty these days, but Kylie Minogue was MUCH sluttier 14 years ago.”

    & video content doesn’t really have to relate to the song, it’s just a bunch of pretty pictures someone put together to sell a product.

  18. well! at least this is getting all sorts of feedback. and might i say i’m pleasantly suprised — i thought i’d be the last person to ever be named on bme or modblog!

  19. Maybe it’s the nature of a “Flying V’ but it looks so short to me… maybe that’s why they don’t appeal to me. I prefer the Les Paul above most other things. It also amuses me to see a Les Paul in action in a metal band. Such a versatile guitar. I can only hope to own a real one one day, haha. Yes, I am talking about guitars.

    The suspensions were cool too.

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