Mike Loshaw from Dragon FX West Edmonton got to do his first ever penis tattoo recently, and it was a funny one — click it to uncensor:

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50 thoughts on “YOU LUCKY BITCH

  1. hah, I was about to say, I hope that’s the owners hand…and not the tattooer’s….unless they were fluid partners….but even then….

  2. Am I the only one who finds that not funny at all?

    Not dissing it or anything… just… not amused.


  4. i had to pull it down.. My junk seen the needles and turned inside out trying to hide.. It’s for pure laughs and so far its working.. that is my hand aswell

    you’re effing crazy…
    this is one tattoo that i will not be asking to see
    oh edmonton.

  6. nothing like some mysoginist language permanently tattooed on your body!

    and speaking of the double-standard, shannon…

  7. What’s the joke it reminds me of… something like “Hey I can see “W Y” tattooed on your cock too, is your gf’s name Wendy as well?” “No, mine says “Welcome to Jamaica man, have a nice day”.

  8. Okay, if a guy pulled his drawers down and had that tattooed on his cock I would laugh, no doubt about it…. but he wouldn’t be getting laid.

    And Em, I love that joke.

  9. get the sticks out of your ass. i’m not asking you to put it in your mouth or anything… infact i could care less what you all think. love it or leave it.. but i’m laughing eather way everytime i take a piss…. oh there it is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ahahhha ahah

  10. Just because people can see your tattoo isnt funny doesnt mean they have sticks in their ass. It just means you have a stupid tatoo on your cock.

  11. hahah funny some one would say “Vain” because this man happens to ALSO have the word vanity tattooed across his pelvis……go figure

  12. If you are talking about me my comment was actually in reply to someone called “vane” :P

  13. i did the tattoo, it was the funniest tattoo i have ever done, and if it looks crooked, its cause i was laughing the whole time. fuck, livewire, they should name a cult after you.

  14. what exactly am I lucky for?? getting to touch your thin unsightly cock?? *scratches head*

  15. “Oh, Our date was going so well…. I was gonna fuck you until you pulled out…. that…”

  16. Hey, lighten up people! Penises are pretty hilarious looking at the best of times, there’s not much a bloke can do to make it look any sillier (oh lord, have I just set down a challenge…?)

    Love the mental image of livewire sniggering to himself at the urinals btw.

  17. HAHAHA I like that. My ex girlfriend had been talking about getting “lucky you” tatooed over her cooch after she saw a pair of lucky you pants and they have it beside the zipper! So She thought I should get “lucky me” above my dick… I like this one better =)

  18. I like Mo’s idea as well, it can only be true in this case if the girl is fuggly than may be lucky her, but most of the time…

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